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Linda Ikeji Biography, Net Worth, Blog, Pictures & House.

Linda is a celebrity blogger from Nigeria who is considered to be one of the most successful internet entrepreneur (as at January 2015) in Nigeria. She was born on September 17, 1980 and started blogging in 2006 after trying her hands in so many other trades without success. According to her, blogging paid off, and today, she is living the life of her dream, the dot com life style.

A graduate of English Language from University of Lagos, Nigeria, Linda is a role model to many youths in Africa who aspires to be just like her. She recently started a mentoring program “I’ll rather be self made” for Nigeria girls.

Linda Ikeji Success Story
Contrary to some people’s opinion, Linda’s success did not happen by chance neither was it gifted to her, it was a product of hard work and pure persistence. She started blogging at a time when internet access was least pronounced in Nigeria. She had told the story time and again of how she used to borrow money sometimes to buy airtime to blog in the cyber cafe.

As a poor girl coming from a humble background, it takes high level of hard work and persistence to have continued doing what she did in such circumstances. Eventually, it paid off, and that very blog is today valued at $5million.

Linda Ikeji Blog
The blog has grown over the years to become the centerpiece of entertainment and celebrity gossips in Africa. It attracts readers (mostly Nigerian females) from all over the world, making it the most active blog in Nigeria in terms of community and discussions. It is currently ranked 13 on Alexa in Nigeria and 2,259 worldwide as at the time this article is being put together.

One thing that excites many watchers about the blog is the near zero overhead cost she incurs running such a massive business entity. But to some, it is her greatest undoing, considering her inability to innovate beyond Blogspot!

Linda Ikeji House
Last year, she provided two houses to her parents. One in Lagos (a five bedroom duplex) that costs about N100 million, acquired in an estate somewhere in Surelere, Lagos. The other was built in the village (Nkwerre) and completed within six months with stone coated roof – a seven bedroom masterpiece that cost about N75 million.

After she announced the purchase of her Range Rover Sport car last year, she made it public that in a matter of weeks, the deal on her own personal house would be completed. On October 2015, Linda indeed acquired a N600 million mansion in Banana Island which is one of the choicest estate in Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji Cars
The first car she acquired was a Toyota Camry, 2009 model (the type that is popularly called “Big Daddy” in Nigeria) which is still a dream car to many. She fell in love with the car the first day she set her eyes on it and saved for four months to acquire one, that was in 2011.

Linda stepped it up in 2013 and bought Infinity FX35 worth N8 million. In September 2014, she added another SUV, a Range Rover Sport Supercharged worth N24 million. That car caused serious riot on the internet, especially to those who did not know her true worth, those who did not know that the money used in purchasing that car was earned in less than a month.

Linda Ikeji Net Worth
Little did those who get mad over Linda’s acquisition of N24 million Range Rover know that she actually worth N3.2billion. This is not a speculation, it’s not fallacy, Linda Ikeji is officially the first Billionaire Blogger in Nigeria.
So, next time you see Linda, take a closer look at her and know that you are actually looking at a billionaire, not your average girl.

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