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Cardinal Polycarp Pengo Biography, Cv, History, Leadership & Religion.



Pengo, Polycarp Cardinal was born on August 5, 1944 in Mwazye, Tanzania.

    Attended, Preparatory Seminary, Mwazye, Tanzania. Attended, Seminary, Karema. Attended, Seminary, Kipalapala.

    Doctor in Moral Theology, Pontifical Lateran University.

    Ordained priest Diocese of Sumbawanga, Tanzania, 1971, secretary to bishop, 1971—1973. Instructor in moral theological Major Seminary Kipalapala, 1977. Rector Major Seminary Segerea, 1978—1983.

    Ordained bishop, 1984. Bishop Diocese of Nachingwea, 1984—1986, Diocese of Tunduru-Massasi, 1986—1990. Coadjutor archbishop Archdiocese of Dar-es-Salaam, 1990—1992, archbishop, since 1992.

    Elevated to cardinal, 1998. Cardinal-priest Nostra Signora de La Salette, since 1998. President Symposium of Bishops Conferences of Africa & Madagascar, since 2007.

    Member Congregations for Evangelizations of Peoples & for Doctrine of the Faith, Pontifical Councils for Inter-religious Dialogue, for Culture & for the Family. Member Special Council for Africa General Synod of Bishops.
He was ordained priest in his home parish, Mwazye on 20th June 1971. Secretary of the Bishop: For two years he was secretary of Bishop Charles Msakila of the diocese of Sumbawanga (June 1971 - July 1973) Advanced studies: In 1973 he was sent to Rome for further studies at the Pontifical Lateran University (Academia Alphonsiana), 1973 - 1977. 

He studied Moral theology and obtained his doctorate with honours (Summa Cum Laude) Rector and Teacher: In 1977 he taught Moral Theology at Kipalapala Major Seminary. In December 1977 he was appointed the founding rector of Segerea Major Seminary (1977 - 1983) For 13 months he was preparing the place before the students reported in 1979 Bishop of Nachingwea:
 He was nominated bishop of Nachingwea on 11th November 1983, Consecrated on 6th January 1984 by Pope John Paul II in Rome and installed on 19th February 1984. Bishop of Tunduru-Masasi: On 17th October, 1986, he was nominated to found the newly redefine diocese of Tunduru-Masasi, and installed on 12th February 1987. 

Archbishop Coadjutor: 
He was nominated Archbishop coadjutor of Dar es Salaam with the right of succession on 22nd January 1990 and he took office on 24th may 1990. Archbishop of Dar es Salaam: With the resignation of His Eminence Laurean Cardinal Rugambwa, he succeeded on 22nd July 1992 as Archbishop of Dar es Salaam. Cardinal: On 18th January 1998 at 14.00hrs he is nominated Cardinal of the Catholic Church.

 He received his Cardinal’s hat from the hands of His holiness John Paul II on 21st February 1998 He is now the Pro-Vice President of the Tanzania Episcopal conference, the patron of the newly founded catholic university of Tanzania "St. Augustine University of Tanzania. In practice he is the leader of the Catholic Church in Tanzania respected by one and by all.

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