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Genevieve Nnaji Biography, Movies, Net Worth, Wedding & Husband.

 Genevieve Nnaji Biography
Genevieve Nnaji was born on May 3, 1979, in Mbaise, Imo state of Nigeria, to an engineer father and a teacher mother. Being the fourth of the family’s eight children,she grew up in Lagos and was brought up in a middle class environment. After her primary education, she proceeded to the Methodist Girls College, Yaba, Lagos, for her secondary education.
Genevieve studied at the University of Lagos, where she first attempted to venture into professional acting as an adult, by auditioning for acting roles available.

Genevieve Nnaji has a daughter. The question now is “is Genevieve Nnaji married?” No, she’s not. She was once pregnant when she was much younger. Some accounts hold that this happened during her secondary school days. Genevieve Nnaji daughter’s name is Chimebuka. Presently, she’s still single. So far, her response to the question, “who is Genevieve Nnaji boyfriend?” has been “that’s private for now.”

Genevieve Nnaji started acting at the tender age of eight, when she featured in Ripples, a very popular television soap opera. However, she formally entered Nollywood in 1998, when she was just 19, featuring in a movie titled “Most wanted”. She later featured in many films subsequently. In fact, Genevieve has featured in more than 80 Nollywood movies to date, and she is currently one of the highest paid actresses in Nollywood.
Genevieve Nnaji Movies

The following is a list of some films in which Genevieve Nnaji featured:

    Most wanted (1998)
    Camouflage (1999)
    Love boat (2001)
    Death warrant (2001)
    Valentino (2002)
    Sharon stone (2002)
    Sharon stone runs (2002)
    Power of love (2002)
    Juliet (2002)
    Formidable force (2002)
    Battle line (2002)
    Above death: In God we trust (2003)
    Blood sister (2003)
    Break up (2003)
    Butterfly (2003)
    By His grace (2003)
    Church business (2003)
    Deadly mistake (2003)
    Emergency wedding (2003)
    Emotional tears (2003)
    Helen (2003)
    For better for worse (2003)
    Honey (2003)
    Jealous lovers (2003)
    Chioma (2003)
    Keeping faith: Is that love? (2003)
    Last weekend (2003)
    Last marriage (2003)
    Love (2003)
    Anita (2003)
    My only love (2003)
    Angela (2003)
    Not man enough (2003)
    Passion and pain (2003)
    Passions (2003)
    Player: Mr Lover man (2003)
    Private sin (2003)
    Faith (2003)
    Sharon Stone in Abuja (2003)
    Super love (2003)
    The chosen one (2003)
    Women affair (2003)
    Bumper to bumper (2004)
    Critical decision (2004)
    Dangerous sister (2004)
    Goodbye New York (2004)
    He lives in me (2004)
    My first love (2004)
    Never die for love (2004)
    Promise me forever (2004)
    Stand by me (2004)
    Treasure (2004)
    Unbreakable (2004)
    We are one (2004)
    Darkest night (2005)
    Games women play (2005)
    Rip off (2005)
    Girls cot (2006)
    30 days (2006)
    Chinora Onu (2006)
    Letters to a stranger (2007)
    Warrior’s heart (2007)
    Beautiful soul (2008)
    Broken tears (2008)
    Critical condition (2008)
    River of tears (2008)
    Yvonne (2008)
    My idol (2008)
    Silent scandal (2009)
    Jessy (2009)
    Ije: the journey (2010)
    Chioma (2010)
    Tango with me (2010)
    Lola (2010)
    Bursting out (2010)
    Zara Williams (2010)
    Mirror boy (2010)
    Teema (2010)
    Sacred lines (2011)
    Isabella (2011)

Net Worth
With total net worth comprising of $7 million (which is equal to 1.4 billion Naira), she is ranked the first among the richest Nigerian actresses. She owns plenty of vehicles; Genevieve Nnaji cars are really expensive. For example, she has Range Rover Evogue and Gwagon SUV.

Despite the heavy public push and shove, Genevieve has remained adamant to calls of marriage. She has painstakingly explained that she was born and raised Catholic and she doesn’t believe in divorce.

The star who is yet to marry said men are usually intimidated by her fame. While some other men who would have come to ask for her love, had already judged her from what they read in Magazines and Newspapers about her, so they come with ulterior motives. She opened up that she would like to marry a man that would be her best friend and confidant.

Genevieve Nnaji has previously been connected to other celebrated artists and showbiz personalities including D’banj and Ramsey Nouah but the evergreen lady has revealed that she does not wish to settle with a celebrity as her life as a star is already chaotic enough.

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