Saturday, December 10, 2016

Josephat Gwajima biography, History, Miracle & Youtube Channel.

Dr Josephat Gwajima is the Senior Pastor of one of the Largest Churches in East Africa. He is also the ArchBishop and founder of Ufufuo na Uzima Churches worldwide. God has been using him to raise the dead, heal the sick and performing signs and wonders in the name of Jesus.
About Glory of Christ Tanzania Church Glory of Christ Tanzania Church (GCTC) is a fast growing church in East and Central Africa with over 70,000 members per one sitting at its main cathedral in Dar es salaam, Tanzania popular known as “Nyumba ya Ufufuo na Uzima” a Swahili sentence that is is translated in English as “The house of Resurrection and Life”. 

It was established in 1994 by Pastor Josephat Gwajima who is the founder, Senior pastor and Bishop of the church. GCTC has many branch churches in Tanzania and outside the country Glory of Christ Tanzania Church (GCTC) Ministries GCTC being a Mega Church consists of a number of individual ministries which were carefully made by Pastor Gwajima, the senior pastor and bishop of GCTC. 

He is among the few pastors who earnestly decided to invest on church leaders training. So far pastor Gwajima has seriously trained more than 4800 church leaders to bring many to God’s kingdom who are now serving our Lord Jesus Chirst deligently at GCTC main church (nyumba ya ufufuo na uzima), Dar es salaam-Tanzania and others at different places worldwise including Japan and UK. 

For GCTC to reach its goal of reaching out for many lost souls, the church operates several ministries of about 500 members each. Each of these ministries was made to catter for a specfic spiritual and physical need of church members all aiming at archieving the church vision. 

The church leadership therefore consist of Senior pastor (Josephat Gwajima), Residence pastors, Associate pastors, Ministry pastors and Sphereds. OUR Residence pastors; 1. Grace Gwajima (senior residence pastor) 2. Pastor Mwangasa Ngwandu 3. Pastor Maximillian 4. Pastor Mwangela 5. Pastor Yekonia Bihagaze 6. Pastor Adriano 7. Pastor Braison 8. Pastor Naomi 9. Pastor Chagulilo 10. Pastor Salama 11. Pastor Dr. Issa-Zacharia, Godson


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