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Ramsey Noah Biography, Movies, Net Worth, Family & Pictures.


Ramsey Nouah – Nollywood’s Lover boy

If you haven’t seen or heard of Ramsey Nouah before, then my guess would be more than right if I say you’ve not been watching Nollywood movies. This is because his name is very familiar to virtually everyone – young or old – who watches films in Nigeria. Do you know the guy isn’t a full-blown Nigerian? Well, read on; you’ll soon get to know how.

Ramsey Noah Biography

Ramsey Adetokunbo Nouah was born on July 16, 1973, in Edo state, Nigeria, to an Israeli father and a mother who hails from Owo, Ondo state, Nigeria.

He was brought up in Surulere area of Lagos state. He attended Atara primary school and later, Community Grammar School, both in Lagos. He then proceeded to the University of Lagos, where he later bagged a degree in mass communication.


Ramsey Nouah started his acting career with a role in Fortunes, one of the very popular television soap operas at the time, in which he played the role of a character named “Jeff Akin Thomas”. Since then, he’s been featured in many Nigerian films. Because he is very fair complexioned, Ramsey Nouah was chosen to star in many love-related romantic Nollywood movies. He later became very famous for featuring in love-related films – an attribution which earned him the nickname “Lover boy”. Even up to date, Ramsey Nouah is one of the most sought after actors in the Nigerian movie industry, as he’s acted in both English and Yoruba movies.

In fact, his most recent award, the African Movie Academy Award for the Best Actor in a Leading role came by virtue of his role in a Yoruba movie, “The figurine.”
Ramsey Nouah Movies

Ramsey Nouah has featured in several Nollywood movies, below is the long list of his movies:

    Silent night (1996)
    Dirty game (1998)
    King of money (1999)
    End of the wicked (1999)
    Camouflage (1999)
    Vuga (2000)
    The battle of Love (2001)
    Love boat (2001)
    Valentino (2002)
    The pastor and harlot (2002)
    Tears and sorrows (2002)
    Power of love (2002)
    My love (2002)
    More money (2002)
    Love of my life (2002)
    Battle line (2002)
    You broke my heart (2003)
    Working for love (2003)
    When love dies (2003)
    True love (2003)
    The price of love (2003)
    The last offer (2003)
    Super love (2003)
    Real love (2003)
    Passion and pain (2003)
    Never say goodbye (2003)
    My turn (2003)
    My sweetheart (2003)
    My only love (2003)
    Mortal sin (2003)
    Last weekend (2003)
    Honey (2003)
    Handsome (2003)
    Emotional crack (2003)
    Dying for love (2003)
    Contractors (2003)
    Church business (2003)
    Butterfly (2003)
    Break up (2003)
    Bad boys (2003)
    Above death: In God we trust (2003)
    Veno (2004)
    Unbreakable (2004)
    The staff of Odo (2004)
    The London boy (2004)
    The Champ (2004)
    Silent for life (2004)
    Separate lives (2004)
    Not yours! (2004)
    Mr Lover boy in Ghana (2004)
    Last wedding (2004)
    Into temptation (2004)
    Heavy rain (2004)
    Fateful love (2004)
    Dangerous twins (2004)
    419 dangerous game (2004)
    Coming to South Africa (2004)
    Across the Niger (2004)
    Super hero (2005)
    Rip off (2005)
    Real love (2005)
    Paradise to hell (2005)
    Azima (2005)
    Under the sky (2006)
    She: you must obey (2006)
    Serious issue (2006)
    Passionate appeal (2006)
    End of discussion (2006)
    Different world (2006)
    Dancing heart (2006)
    Consequences (2006)
    To love an angel (2007)
    The faculty (2007)
    Missing rib (2007)
    Last faculty (2007)
    Governor’s wife (2007)
    Battle for battle (2007)
    True sacrifice (2008)
    Tears in my eyes (2008)
    Sweet tomorrow (2008)
    Solid affection (2008)
    Hidden treasure (2008)
    Nnenda (2009)
    A private storm (2010)
    The figurine (2010)

Ramsey Noah Net Worth – $4.5 Million
Ramsey Noah romantic acting skills in movies has endeared him to be caste by movie producers and loved by many movie watchers in Nigeria. The handsome actor is regarded as “Nollywood Lover Boy”. Ramsey Noah starting acting since 1993 and has make money and fame for himself over the years.

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