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Eric Omondi Biography, House, Car, Youtube, Comedian, Salary & Photos.

Eric Omondi 
Was born in 1985 and he is the second born in a family of four siblings. He is a brother to Fred Omondi(comedian). He is a stand up comedian, a brand ambassador for OLX Kenya, Dola Flour.

Comedian Eric Omondi is one of the best comedians in the country and he goes to great lengths to be funny even if it means dressing up in a school girl’s uniform or flexing his non existent biceps on camera and was recently voted as amongst the top 10 Africa funniest Men, he is largely popular from his appearance on Churchill show.  He later left churchill to do his own show dubbed Hawayuni that aired in KTN, he also did somewhere in Africa and Untamed.

Eric Omondi Education
Undergraduate student at Daystar University, Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication and Journalism

    On joining Daystar, had joined Christian Fellowship and was nominated and elected as a vice-chairperson in absentia but was called and told what happened. The school resolved to recall him and had him apply for a scholarship which he eventually scooped and won the full scholarship in the university that helped him graduate from the University after seven years since he joined after undertaking and completing his pre-university and then doing his undergraduate degree in 2006 and graduating in 2010.

Its in Kisumu Boys where his comedy skills thanks to his naturally talkative and never missed in the ‘noise makers’ list. Whether he was absent or present, he would be on the list that got him into sort of big trouble since anything he said came out as a joke. It was while in form three that he narrated some Indian movie he had watched to some classmates and it seemed enticing and more and more students converged around him as he narrated and imitated Indian accents and all the weird stuff.Unfortunately, the principal sneaked in and disguised himself among the students at the back but no one noticed. What followed was his parents were called to school and he was caned in turns:- by his parents, the principal, and some teachers all got a piece of him.

Eric Omondi Salary and Networth
Multi-Millionaire and comedian Eric Omondi is a true definition of a hustler;- emceeing, events, endorsement deals, product adverts like OLX, Own company, Radio presenter, TV Personality, Local and International comedian the guy has worked hard to be where he is today, being raked as amongst top respected comedians in Africa and most expensive.

Nevertheless its all play and laughter till the bank account starts smiling when on a good day he can make Shs 0.75 Million. Having joined the entertainment industry he has managed to pile a hefty chunk of an estimate networth of sh.30Million alias $350,000.

Eric Omondi is deeply in love with an italian Girl going by the name Shantel. The comedian recently revealed that the two met during the Kenya at 50 Show at Kasarani. The lady had come to specifically see Eric perform.

Shantel Grazioli is passionate in community projects and is planning on starting a beauty pageant.

“I really love this lady, not because she is beautiful but because of her personality, it’s rare to find a beautiful lady with an equally beautiful personality,”

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