Thursday, February 23, 2017

Afande Sele Biography, History, Music, Songs, Age, Photos & Awards.

Seleman Sindi or Afande Sele (born. April 24, 1976) is an artist of hip hop and Bongo Flava from Morogoro region, Tanzania. She has been winning awards (bright Rymes) in [2003] from singing its 'powerful telescopes' he yosmshirikisha Dogo Lameck Ditto Ditto for now. It is the founder of the groups 'Ghetto Boys' and 'People Pori', yaliozaliwa and died in Morogoro to follow and he was the first artist to fill the field of football REPUBLIC in Morogoro as he launched his album's first 'cookie HEART'. 

 He led a campaign of malaria at the beginning mwamiaka 2005 and 2007. At the beginning of the 11th month in 2012 announced the official working as a new group of wild people after working with MC KOBA who was among those who were comprise the wild men in the past. Afande Sele now has a video of her song Soma Ule which has been led by producer Raph Tz (upcoming video director) who was honored with the artist to make the video, which imekidhi content of the song.

Afande Sele has two daughters, fruit and Art live in Morogoro region. Afande Sele had lost his wife Asha (Mama Tunda) on August 14, 2014. At present Tunda reads existing secondary Charlotte called nanenane areas, Morogoro Region.

Afande Sele has now joined the Alliance for Change party of Tanzania (ACT), which is run by a former MP for Kigoma North through the Party for Democracy and Progress (CHADEMA), Zitto Zuberi Kabwe.

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