Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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"Amina Amaru" You may not have known her name before last night, but you’ve definitely seen her Buoart photography pictures, or remember her as the video vixen in Jaguar’s Kioo and Sauti Sol’s Nishike.

Surprisingly, Amina turned out to be quite down to earth enjoying some good swahili like the rest of us commoners. She’s also probably the only Nairobi girl who has not caught the Capiroo fm bug… her local English is still intact and quite good actually. It’s almost Victoria Rubadiri quality, only without the accent.

As far as we can tell, she has not had her tint removed, but perhaps unlike Vera Sidika, she did not have to. Her beauty is natural and she looks amazing with or without make up. Her looks are almost intimidating, but I must say the guy handled himself very well.

Amina is a huge Arsenal and Barcelona fan, and enjoys some quality opposition on FIFA (PS).

With that kind of beauty, model figure, intelligence, confidence and love for the beautiful game, Amina Amaru is definitely everyone’s kind of girl.

If you’re planning on hooking up with her, take some refresher course. You don’t want to put a dent on her BMW.

Here is the beautiful 23 year old.

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