Thursday, February 16, 2017

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 Bridget Shighadi is a model and blogger at The Fashion Stunner. Is a blog that mostly focuses on my day to day style, what i wear on certain days and as well as beauty tips for women of the age 16 - 27.It also includes red carpet events, women/men fashion sense and a celebrity feature weekly and anythng that my readers would be able to benefit from.

 She always wanted to share my ideas on anything to do with fashion and i thought why not start a blog? As hard as i thought it was i just had to do it to stop the craving of the heart, and well, here i am! Bridget Shighadi 
Bridget was born and raised in Taita/Taveta of Taita origin and currently based in Nairobi. She is a freelance fashion stylist, creative consultant and a student. Fashion has always been my passion. Any liitle thing about fashion keeps me going. 
She is very new to blogging so please don't hesitate to leave any comments be it positive or negative concerning the blog. 

Things You Didn't know about Bridget
1. Bridget has a phobia for any type of millipedes and centipedes.
2. She can pinch with her toes
3. She actually used to be fat and chubby about six years ago, and her sisters would call her ‘Baby Elephant’.
4. Bridget’s middle name is Mkawasi, which means stubborn woman.
5. She once hit the gym, looking forward to having a six-pack.
6. She has a high-pitched laugh, which many people find irritating.
7. She is always wearing a smile, no matter what time it is or where she is.
8. The sassy fashionista is a sucker for love and anything sweet and charming.
9. She is a quiet person, which is mostly confused for being a snob.
 10. She would have been a news anchor in another life.
Bridget Shighadi is a model, fashionista and part-time actor.

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