Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Octopizzo Biography, Net Worth, Parents, Cars, House, Tribe & Girlfriend.

"Henry Onyango" Kenya’s top Hip Hop artiste Octopizzo aka Namba Nane is one of Kenya’s leading and celebrated rappers of all times having grown and risen from one the renown Kibera aka “Chocolate City” as he refers it.

Octopizzo is a dad to his lovely daughter Tracy whom he loves dearly. Despite his busy schedule he always finds time to spend with her and pick her from school. Also he is a husband to one lovely wife. According to him, he works hard for his family: his wife, daughter and his three brothers.

Octopizzo is the founder of Young, Gifted, and Black (Y.G.B ) youth Group, consisting of collectively talented rappers, poets, graffiti artists, graphic artists, and dancers.

Octopizzo is a business man too owning his own clothing line that includes watches, wrist bands and handmade “Kibera-Bling”.
Moreover, Octopizzo is the CEO of his own slum tour called Chocolate City Tours, since the it started in 2009 ,who objective is to give people the chance who have never visited a slum to meet people from Kibera, to see how hard they work and support them by buying products from them.

Also Octopizzo has launched his own brand of condoms called “Let’s do it” with a special edition “In the dark” condoms that glow in the dark to ensure safe sex for bedrooms without electricity.

Octopizzo started rapping in 2009, producing mixtapes recording Swahili rhymes on top of well-known beats by international stars such as Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. Fortunately, When 50Cent visited Kibera, Octopizzo was asked to show him around, which was a lifetime experience for Octopizzo, who says talking to him revealed a very grounded and humble guy unlike what most people would imagine him to be like. Octopizzo‘s breakthrough came in 2012 when his song “Ivo Ivo” became a rap anthem in Nairobi. ”Ivo Ivo” is short for “Hivyo Hivyo” which simply means “It’s like that, it’s like that”. But some people interpreted it as “evil evil”. Rumours spread in Kenya that Octopizzo was a member of the Illuminati society, and the surrounding media attention boosted the success of the song even further. Most of his music is produced in Italy by a producer called Franco. He however works with three producers for a single track before releasing it. Currently ‘Chocolate City’ is the name of Octopizzo‘s international debut album and also the name Octopizzo uses for Kibera. Again he doesn’t mean luxurious swiss chocolates. Chocolate refers to the mud and the rusty iron sheets in Kibera, the place where his inspiration lies to this day.

A Hip-hop Artist and Entrepreneur Octopizzo is one of the most successful and leading rappers in Kenya. He is also the founder of C.B.O., a community based organization, and Y.G.B., a youth group which consists of talented rappers, dancers, poets, graffiti and graphic artists, and a C.E.O of Chocolate City Tours. As of 2016, Octopizzo’s estimated total net worth is approximately over $600 thousand.

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