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Ray C Biography, History, Instagram, Weight Loss, Music & Latest Photos.

Rehema Chalamila a.k.a Ray C was born on May 15, 1982 in Tanzania Iringa. Tanzanian songstress Rehema Chamila aka Ray C is a musician from Tanzania whose  music is a mixture of bongo fleva,Taarab and R&b.
Before venturing into music, Ray C worked as a presenter for the Dar es Salaam-based Clouds FM radio station. She released her debut album “Mapenzi Yangu” in 2003. She has toured East Africa, China, United Kingdom and other countries.

Ray C was once considered the hottest female artiste in the East African region. She won numerous awards between 2004 and 2011 and then she disappeared after her successful hit, Moto Moto.

What a lot of people did not know about the singer was that she had a serious drug issue which escalated when she came to live in Kenya. This week, photos of Ray C have appeared in Tanzanian papers showing her in a sorry state of health.
“She used to have to take drugs before shows. It was so bad that sometimes she would go backstage during a show, and when we’d check up on her we’d find that she had blacked out from taking drugs. Then we had to wake her up to continue the show,”


    Mapenzi Yangu (2003)
    Na Wewe Milele (2004)


    2004 Tanzania Music Awards - Best Female Artist [3]
    2004 Kisima Music Awards - Female Artist from Uganda & Tanzania [1]
    2007 Tanzania Music Awards - Best Female Artist [4]

    2006 Pearl of Africa Music Awards - Best Female (Tanzania)[5]
    2007 Pearl of Africa Music Awards - Best Female (Tanzania) [6]
    2008 Pearl of Africa Music Awards - Best Female (Tanzania) [7]
    2011 Tanzania Music Awards - Best Video, Best Song, Best Afro Pop Song and Best Collaboration Song ('Mama Ntilie' with Gelly wa Ryme & AT)[8]

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