Sunday, February 26, 2017

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 She thrives on being the life of the party. Her grind is social prominence, and boy, business is booming! She’s despised as much as she’s loved, or maybe more. Behind all that hype though, Vanessa Chettle, aka the Straight Shooter, appears to be troubled yet content.  So I hit her up for an interesting interrogation!

Ay, for those who don’t fully understand the concept of social dynamics, what is your brand about?
Living life to the fullest I suppose. I view life from a positive angle no matter what it brings, and trust me it brings a lot! Lol. Basically I just try to encourage and represent that. A happy soul.

And how did you ascend the social ladder from being an ordinary civilian to mingling with the showbiz’s elite?
Feb 14th 2014 my life changed from that of a college student married to an older guy ( which by the way is nobody’s business) to being painted as a whore with HIV on DAILY POST. I nearly killed myself! I was famous overnight

How exactly did the HIV allegation change your life?

Well, I knew I was clean but obviously it was a huuuge accusation..I did a live test. Two tests  just to fucking confirm! Anyway something that .,,,,,,,,,,,,

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