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Vincent Kigosi Biography, History, House, Movies, Instagram, Wife & Phone Number.

Vincent Kigosi (Ray) (born 16 May 1980 ) is a Tanzanian film actor, producer and director. Kigosi is based in Dar-es-Salaam.

Kigosi also calls himself Mr Nollywood, although he has made many films for Bongo Films.

Kigosi most known as Ray, he started his career 2000 in television soap opera / series and then started to appear in different movies up to now. He has his own company of film production together with his fellow actress Blandina chagula (Johari) the company called Rj Company.

He entered the Tanzania film industry in a movie from early 2004” along with another popular actors like Steven Kanumba. He had acted in more than 30 Bongo Movies and films. Including Johari, Shakira, The Cold Wind, Yellow Banana, Behind the Scene, Fair Decision, Unpredictable, Family Disaster and many more of which made him popular

In 2006 Vincent Kigosi a.k.a Ray The Greatest na Brandina Chagula a.k.a Johari started a film company RJ Company of which is the responsible of producing most of quality films played by Vincent and Other Actors

Filmography / Discography
    Hard Price | Fan’s Death | Twisted | Waves of Sorrow | Woman of Principles | The Glory of Ramadhan | Sobbing Sound | My Wife | I Hate My Birthday | The Shell | Handsome wa Kijiji | What is It | The Second Wife | Unpredictable | Off Side | Suprise | Family Disaster | The Image | Fair Decision | Pretty Girl | My Dreams | Danger Zone | Bed Rest | Behind the Scene | Hot Friday | From China With Love | Peace of Mind | Damu Moja | Shakira | Divorce | Full Moon | Fake Promise | Yellow Banana | Wicked Love | Oprah | The Cold Wind | Revenge | Fake Pastors | Dangerous Desire | Sikitiko Langu | Johari | 

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