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Yvonne Cherry - Monalisa Biography, History, Actress, Photos, Instagram & Children.

Yvonne Cherryl Lewis popular known as Monalisa was born 19 August 1981. She is An award-winning actress and director whose eyes peer directly into the souls of audiences on screen.

From an early age, Yvonne CherryL exhibited a talent and propensity for the arts; while in school, she began her career, appearing in commercials and productions at a stage company

Yvonne began acting in Kenya & Tanzania professionally around the age of 16, though she studied filmmaking at the famous Wilnag Film institute, the prospect of becoming an actress was always her dream.
Her 1998 powerful performance as a young lady struggling to reconcile her life with her multiple lovers, in the acclaimed series “Mambo Hayo” where she got her nickname “Mona Lisa”

The beautiful, Yvonne then resumed acting, appearing in a major role in the stage play Government inspector “2001 followed by “Zawadi Ya Ushindi” in 2002 before resuming her feature film career”.

Yvonne’s screen charisma was obvious at herfeature screen debut “Girlfriend.” (2002), where she played Tumpale who is forced to turn to her life around after being kicked out by her dad for seducing the maid against theirpro-xtian ideals


- Black Sunday ,Filamu iliyompatia tunzo ya msani bora tanzania mwaka 2010 kutoka ZIFF.
- Binti Nusa 2 & 3—-2011 Filamu Central Award Best Actress in Tanzania. A CCL Production na zifuatazo;
- Payback
- Nimeokoka
- Cellular
- Wrong Number
- Wedding Pressure
- Behind The Scene
- Who is Smarter
- She is My Sister aliyoigiza na mmoja ya masta wakubwa toka naija, Mercy Johnson chini ya mwogozaji (Director) - Femi Ogedegbe toka Nollywood
- Dilemma
- Sabrina
- Girlfriend
- Pastor Myambas Trial
- “38 Weeks”
- Tell Me The Truth

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