Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Aunt Ezekiel Biography, Age, Wedding, Profile, History, Bongo Movie & Instagram.

Aunt Ezekiel is one the most popular actresses in the Bongo Movie industry. Let me see you rolling your eyes if you don’t know that. Well…I am going to pretend like I don’t understand. I do. Life is not an amusement park and sometimes Aunt Ezekiel’s popularity has come from things that aren’t directly related to her acting career. It’s like when you get an invitation for dinner by an alien.

She was born on 28th October 1986 in Dar-es-salaam. If the information we have is correct, after birth her parents called her Gwantwa [or it was the nickname she adopted as a child. Her dad is Ezekiel Greyson “Jujuman” a famous footballer who played in 70s to 80s. He played for Simba Sports Club and Taifa Stars.

Some of the movies she has played so far are Prison Revenge, Scola,Pumba Jungu La Urithi,Eyes On Me,Machozi Yangu,Radio Presenter, The Beauty Fools, Kijogoo, Siku Za Majaribu, Best loosers, I Hate My Birthday, Lost Souls, Wicked Love, Siri Sirini,Men’s Day Out,Shoga Yangu, Signature, Mrembo Kikojozi, Lonely Heart, Young Billionaire, Sound Of Death,Danger Zone,Black Sunday, Unfortunate Love and others.

Of lately, she is known to be a BFF to Ms.Wema Sepetu,former Miss Tanzania and actress who was dating artist Diamond Platinumz. Aunt Ezekiel is married. Just like many things surrounding her life, her marriage is also tabloids “darling” since she spends most of her time in Tanzania while her husband stays in Dubai. In some of interview with tabloids, Aunt Ezekiel has defended her long distance marriage. It’s her career and the husband understands but later they break up.

By the time Aunt Ezekiel is engaged in love with Moses Iyobo and they have a baby girl.

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