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 Grace Musalame is a Media personality who is current working with Radia Africa Group at Kiss TV was a for Vivo Active Wear ambassador who is arguably living her dream as one of the most successful ladies in the Kenyan media industry. Her hardwork, ambition, beauty, fashion sense and awesome personality has put Grace Msalame above the rest. She is definitely one of a kind, something many ladies strive to be.

Grace Msalame now a strong woman, the inspiring girl who in September 2014 graced the cover of True Love Magazine East Africa. This shows the important role she plays in the contemporary society in Kenya. Young girls look up to her…they admire her story. Living up to her legendary father’s legacy is no mean fete.

Grace Msalame Age

Grace Msalame, born in 1986, Grace Msalame is a bubbly, intelligent and fashionable TV personality.

Grace Msalame graced our TV screens for a while – since she was 19 – and has managed to grow to be a top manager at Kiss TV. At 29, she’s reflective of how far she’s come. As a mum of two, she’s got an interesting way of handling her stuff.

Grace Msalame Husband/Grace Msalame Baby Daddy

Well it seems Grace Msalame and her baby daddy whom they broke up sometime back are still in good terms, for those who don’t know Grace Msalame’s used to date Paul Ndichu some few years ago and even twins together but broke up, no one knows why!

Anyway Paul Ndichu is the twin brother to Eddie Ndichu- Janet Mbugua’s hubby and he is a top shot at the corporate world just like his bro!Paul Ndichu is currently the boss at Easy Taxi.

Grace Msalame Kids/Children

True Love: Grace Msalame Expresses The Joys Of Being A Mother

Love is such a beautiful thing and their’s nothing as sweet as a mother’s love. It defines true happiness, affection, care, kindness and love. Kiss TV’s Grace Msalame is one lady who is proud to be a mother.

The love she extends to her twins is breathtaking and worthy of admiration. If you’ve visited her social media accounts, you will notice how much her daughters mean to her. Basically they are her world.

Grace Msalame Boyfriend

A fortnight ago, Kiss TV’s Grace Msalame was thrust into a scandalous allegation that she was dating her boss at Radio Africa. Msalame is married.

The sensational rumour further alleged that she had received a BMW X5 from her boss- as  a gift. In a series of screenshots leaked by jilted girlfriend to Evans Gikunda- a web-developer at Radio Africa who has since resigned- leaked some damning information.

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