Monday, March 13, 2017

Juma Jux Biography, Age, House, Miasha, Nyumba, Instagram & Girlfriend.

 Juma Mussa, is a Tanzanian R&B singer that records under the mononym JUX was born on September 1 1989 and grew up in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Jux started doing music in 2005 by the age of 16 doing a rap kind of music.

In 2008 Jux joined Cyril Kamikaze and Gigga Flo, and formed the famous swaggie music group in East Africa known as ‘Wakacha” whereby JUX is the vice president of the group. In the end of that year JUX decided to record his first solo track,working with A.M record label, where he got persuaded to change his Rap style of music and turn to RnB. Under producer Manecky, Jux’s first RnB single that goes by the name “Nimedata” was recorded and released that year, which did surprizingly well than he had expected and gained him a lot of funs considering it was his debut single as a solo artist.

The single was then followed by a number of tracks from his group Wakacha such as “Facebook Gal” and “Here We Go”, with Jux as the group’s leading singer.

Jux has also released a number of hit singles such as “Napata raha”, “Napo Kuwa Nawe” and “Mwambie yeye” produced by Manecky, “Uzuri wako” and “Nitasubiri” produced by Bob Manecky and his latest single “Sisikii” which is doing well in the music charts; both under the A.M records.

So far, JUX has worked with a number of artists such as Kamikaze, Mabeste, Stamina, Vanessa Mdee, M-Rap, Mo Racka, Young Dee and Gosby.

Over the years JUX has not only established himself as an R&b singer but also a fashion icon in the music industry with his fine sense of fashiontrends and swag. Named by famous magazines like “BaabKubwa” and “Mzuka Magazine” as the most fashionable musician in East Africa.

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