Wednesday, March 1, 2017

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Mose Iyobo who is one of best Diamond dancer and father of one said that he reads comments on various pages in Instagram and he is truly hurt by heartless comments regarding his daughter Cookie.

Mose who has one year old daughter with actress Aunty Ezekiel, said to one of news reporters that comments like 'your daughter is ugly' 'your daughter has a matured face' truly hurt him deeply, because he adores his daughter.

 "Few months ago before my daughter first birthday, Petiman posted her picture on his Instagram page, then there was this a very stupid person with a user name official...something; commented that my daughter is ugly and that she has a matured face, she will never get married bla bla...

I was extremely hurt and angry if I knew who this person is, I would track him/her down and smash his face." Said Mose Iyobo  Well too bad that majority of commenters in Instagram use fake accounts to avoid being traced.

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