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Richa Adhia Biography, Miss Tanzania, Age, Instagram, Profile, History & Photos.

Richa Maria Adhia (born 1988) is a model and beauty pageant contestant who won Miss Earth Tanzania 2006 and Miss Tanzania 2007. She represented Tanzania in both Miss Earth 2006 in the Philippines and Miss World 2007 in China. So far she remains the only Tanzanian beauty pageant contestant to have represented her country in both of the International contests, In 2010 she was also chosen to represent Tanzania at Miss India Worldwide pageant.

Miss Earth Tanzania 2006
Adhia won Miss Earth Tanzania 2006 and represented Tanzania in Miss Earth 2006 at the Philippines where she was initially counted among the strongest contestants from Africa, after being placed among Top 15 best swimsuit contestants. However she was unable to make a cut into the semifinalists in the Final Show.

Miss Tanzania 2007
After completing her reign as Miss Earth Tanzania in 2006, Richa, went ahead to participate in other regional beauty contests and finally won Miss Kinondoni 2007, after which she was able to participate in Miss Tanzania 2007 contest which she eventually also won. There was a controversy over her win due to her race, as she was Indian Ethnic. However, despite the mixed reactions, she went ahead to participate in Miss World 2007 contest in China the same year and became the first Asian ethnic contestant to represent an East African country in Miss World contest.

Miss India Worldwide 2010
On 6 March 2010, Richa was chosen to represent Tanzania in Miss India Worldwide 2010 contest for the first time, the contest was held in Durban, South Africa where she was placed among the Top Ten contestants and also won TOP MODEL award.

Further to being a Model and an event organizer, Richa has also acted in the following Tanzanian movies 2009-Full Moon, 2012-Zamora.

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