Saturday, March 25, 2017

Ruge Mutahaba Biography, Profile, Contacts, Cv, Watoto, Instagram, Mke & Photos.

Ruge Mutahaba was born at Brooklyn - New York - United States in 1970, He studied primary school at Arusha School from standard 1 to 6 and then moved to Mlimani primary school near the university of Dar es salam where He completed his primary education

. He joined Forodhani secondary for O -Level and then Pugu High School for A - Level studies . When He completed his A Level studies, Ruge returned back to America where He joined with San Jose University of Carliphonia for Bachelor Degree in marketing and later on BA in Finance. All courses took him five years to be completed.

ESTABLISH CLOUDS ENTERTAINMENT .... "While He was in USA, His fellow boss at Clouds media, Joseph Kusaga was runing a Night Club Disco which was known as Clouds Disco. Therefore Ruge became the sole supplier of various equipments to run the Night Club. When He has returned to Tanzania after completing his studies, Kusaga interested jo join a forces with him and where they have established Clouds media that time in Arusga City.

Ruge Mutahaba Isn't officially married but He has engaged to Zamaradi Mketema and they have succeeded to have two children.

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