Sunday, March 5, 2017

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Whoever calculates the ages of Ugandan women must be a real professor of Mathematics, because, not a single normal person can really guess their age.

It’s only in Uganda where one can pause their age, rewind it and keep it constant.

According to Crooze FM:
During an exclusive interview last weekend, Bebe Cool was asked a few questions including his wife’s age. He said Zuena Kimera is just 31 years young. We do not believe him, here is why:

1. The couple recently celebrated 12 years of love, implying that Bebe Cool met her when she was 16. (She was underage)

2. Zuena contested for the Miss Uganda pageant when she was below 18. We thought it is for 18 & above.

3. Her first born is 13 years, does this mean she had her first child at 18?
Did Bebe Cool lie about Zuena’s age?

So did Bebe Cool defile Zuena? Or Zuena has only counted the years she’s spent in Ntinda and left out those she spent in Jinja.

But who are we to question these things. Surely age must have done something to Ugandan ladies. Yes, with that, you can meet one of the youngest ladies in this country, Zuena Kirema, the 31 year old girl.

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