Friday, April 7, 2017

Ambwene Yesaya - AY Biography, Profile, History, Age, Instagram, Music & Photos.

Ambwene Allen Yessayah, better known by his stage name as A.Y., is a Tanzanian bongo flava artist. He was born on July 5, 1981 in Mtwara, Southern part of Tanzania. He began his career with the group S.O.G. in 1996. He decided to go solo in 2002. AY is among the first bongo flava artists to commercialize hip hop. He was member of the musical group known as East Coast Army, but now he's no longer part of the group. He is still releasing songs and albums collaborating most with an ex-coast artist MwanaFA.


    2007 Tanzania Music Awards - Best Hip Hop Single ('Usijaribu')
    2007 Kisima Music Awards - Best Video From Tanzania ('Usijaribu')
    2008 Tanzania Music Awards - Collaboration of the Year ("Habari Ndio Hiyo"), with Mwanafalsafa
    2008 Pearl of Africa Music Awards - Best Tanzanian Male Artist
    2010 Tanzania music awards - Best Reggae Song ('Leo (Reggae remix)' with Avril)
    2012 Channel O Music Video Awards - Best East African Video

    2005 Kora Awards - Best East African Male Artist
    2008 Kisima Music Awards - Tanzanian Video of the Year ("Nangoja Ageuke", with Mwanafalsafa) & East African Collaboration of the Year ("Usiwe Mbali", with Amani)
    2009 MTV Africa Music Awards - Best Hip Hop
    2009 Channel O Music Video Awards - Best African East ("Naongea Na Wewe" with Mwanafalsafa)
    2010 Tanzania music awards - Best Music Video ('Leo')
    2011 Tanzania Music Awards - Best Male Artist, Best Hip Hop Song ('Usije Mjini' with Mwana FA), Best Collaboration Song ('Dakika Moja' with FA & Hardmad), Best East African Song ('Songa Mbele' with Alpha)
    2012 Tanzania Music Awards - Best Ragga/Dancehall Song ('Good look' with Ms. Triniti)
    2012 Channel O Music Video Awards - Video of the Year (featuring Romeo and Lamyia - Speak With Your Body)

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