Monday, April 3, 2017

Sonal Maherali Biography, Blog, Age, Youtube, Instagram, Photos, Family & Net Worth.

Sonal Maherali is a Fast rising fashion blogger who has carved a niche for herself in luxury fashion. Her shoe closet is every girl’s dream and she always keeps us guessing with her go-big-or-go-home style.

For An average Kenyan whose definition of the sky is the limit is to take a selfie with one joe muchiri , the name Sonal Maherali may not be familiar to your ears! but if you take a stroll around Parklands, Nairobi West or just anywhere Kuber sells seven times more than milk, Sonal is a very well known figure. This is the huddah Monroe of the Kalasingas (Kenyan/Indian Community)

The spikes louboutin strutting mother of four has a lifestyle and wardrobe that can only be matched to a multi million earning super model on a runway at Millan Fashion Week. If not purchasing beach front property,Sonal is busy letting her followers know the different four shades of gold to wear depending on their current mood of the day.

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