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Sharon Mundia Biography, Background, Age, Husband, Instagram, Wedding & Baby.

Sharon Mundia
Sharon Mundia was born in 1989 to a veteran journalist, Mundia Muchiri and Mrs. Mundia. She is the founder of This Is Ess, Kenyas best fashin blog. She has not only risen to become a fashion icon but also one of the most sort fashion icon but also one of the most sought after for beauty product endorsement.

Sharon Mundia has been blogging for a couple years now and what started out as a fun hobby has turned into a great passion for me. “I’m lucky enough to be able to do what I love which, in essence, is to share my personal style and other bits of my life in the hope that it will inspire women of all ages.” She says

Sharon Mundia Education Background
2009- 2011: Undergraduate student at Monash University, South Africa, Bachelor of Business and Commerce, Management and Marketing

Sharon Mundia Job History
January 2012- December 2012: Marketing Officer at 50 Treasures Of Kenya Trust

    Developing partner concepts; assisting in promotional campaigns; developing the Treasure content; identifying and approaching possible sponsors; identifying and approaching Treasure ambassadors; developing a marketing strategy for 50 Treasures etc.

August 2011- November 2011: Recruitment Assistant, Holystic Approach

July 2011- October 2011: Businesss Law Tutor at Monash South Africa

February 2011- March 2011: Sales Assistant at Van Schaik Bookstore

Sharon Mundia Awards

    Top Student in Organisational Behaviour at Monash South Africa
    Awarded merit Scholarship at Monash South Africa, 2010-2011
    Awarded merit Scholarship at Rusinga International School, 2007
    Received Top Literature Student Award, Kenya, from Cambridge International Examinations, 2007
    Best fashion Beauty and fashion blog of the year at the BAKE awards

Sharon Mundia Husband
Sharons fiancee is Lonina Leteipan, Relationship Manager at Chase Bank Kenya Ltd. He did his undergraduate at USIU and postgraduate degree in Rhodes University South Africa. He previously worked for Barclays Bank as a Relationship Officer then at CFC Stanbic as the Corporate Relationship Officer.

Sharon Mundia Career as a Fashion blogger
Sharon Mundia came to realise that fashion isn’t just about being trendy and cute, it’s about expressing your character, building your confidence and ultimately celebrating yourself.

Sharon Mundia started blogging right after graduating from Monash University in South Africa with a degree in Marketing and Management. She had always had a passion for literature, even receiving a high school literary award, but practicality won out when it came to choosing an academic major. Luckily for her, the background in marketing came in handy when she started to think of her blog, This is Ess, – which started as an online avenue for sharing little pieces of her life – as a platform on which to build her brand.

As her community of readers grew, companies sought her out to advertise their products. Initially, she would feature the free products she received from them without asking for anything in return. Blogging, however, took up time and energy. She realized she would burnout if she couldn’t make it profitable. Her parents, who were concerned about her, gave her a time frame to figure it out. The resulting sense of urgency compelled Mundia to rethink her approach to her blog and to start viewing it as a business.

Sharon Mundia Biography

Sharon Mundia Awards

Sharon Mundia Career
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Sharon Mundia Husband

Sharon Mundia Wedding Pics

Sharon Mundia Wedding Pics

Sharon Mundia Wedding Pics

Sharon Mundia Wedding Pics

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