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Jack Parow Biography, Age, Family, Wife, Real Name, Wedding & Daughter.

Jack Parow whose real name is Zander Tyler was born on 22nd February 1982 in Parow, Cape Town, South Africa. He is an Afrikaner rapper.

Jack Parow Career
He wanted to be a rapper since he was in primary school. He started rapping in English but he soon changed to Afrikaans.

His first hit came with his single Cooler as Ekke, which was promoted by friends in Die Heuwels Fantasties,[4] with whom he later collaborated on their song Die Vraagstuk. He has since released four studio albums and toured around the world.

In 2016 Parow and his friend Hardus van Deventer shot a nine episode TV series titled Dis Hoe Ons Rol, which aired July to August 2016 on the Kyknet premium TV channel.

In January 2017 Parow launched his own brandy product known as Parow Brandy.

Jack Parow Wife and Child
His is married to Jenna Pietersen, a swim suit model and they have one child.
Parow has a daughter, Ruby Tyler, born in 2012 to his long-term girlfriend, Jenna Pietersen. Ruby was the inspiration for Parow's 2014 song Dis Befok, and video footage for the 2016 remix of the song was shot by her via a chest-mounted camera.

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