Tuesday, September 12, 2017

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miss mandi
Capital FM presenter, Mandi Sarro popularly known as Miss Mandi, is a cook and travel blogger who has amassed a loyal online audience and recently joined some of the most successful bloggers from Africa in Dakar, Senegal for the Festival in Africa of The Bloggers & Youtubeurs.

Popular for her sex talk radio show Morning After, 22-year-old Mandi Sarro aka Miss Mandi candidly speaks to Shirley Genga about her life, radio passion and life in Kenya and abroad Pulse:

Your sex talk show Morning After (on 91.5) is very bold and has young people talking. Who came up with the whole idea?
Mandi: I did; from the name to every ingredient that goes into the show. 
P: Do you find it difficult to talk about sex and relationships? M: Not at all. I absolutely love it. I feel like there is no voice for young people. I mean, there are radio shows that target every demographic but I feel like we still don’t have a voice as young people. The show is very entertaining and, most important, informative.
P: What are some of the challenges of doing your show and being on radio generally?
M: Staying on top of relationship topics is my main challenge. I am still fresh in this game and I am still making my name.
P: What do you think makes you stand out as a radio presenter?
M: I talk about the real issues that my generation goes through.
P: Where did you grow up?
M: I was born in Nairobi. But, I grew up in Toronto, Canada. I moved to Toronto in 2003 and returned to Nairobi in 2010.
P: Give us a glimpse into your childhood?
M: I was raised by parents who were open-minded and I loved that about my childhood. I have one sister and before going to Toronto we attended Loreto Convent Valley Road, Nairobi. My dad is very passionate about art and he passed on that passion to me.
P: What was your childhood dream — growing up?
M: I wanted to be a lawyer or a travel agent. However, after working as an intern at a travel agency in Canada at the age of 15, I discovered a desk job was not for me.
P: How did you land your current job?
M: I was at a private screening of Shuga at Chester House, Nairobi and while there, I met radio presenter Nick Mutuma who said he loved my voice and suggested that I go for a voice test. I did. The rest is history.
P: Have you ever done radio before or is this your first experience?
M: I interned at a radio station in Toronto called Flow 93.5 before coming here. When I came back to Kenya I worked at Homeboyz Radio for five months then moved on.
P: What is your work experience? Have you done other jobs apart from radio?
M: My work experience is too extensive. I have been working since the age of 15. I have worked at a sneaker store, a restaurant, a club as a VIP hostess and a fashion stylist.
P: Who do you look up to in the radio industry and why?
M: Angela Yee. I love her personality and work ethic. She started out small like me but right now she has the number one breakfast show in the States.
P: Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?
M: I would love to be a Programmes Controller. I also see myself owning a couple of shoe boutiques.

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