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Young Killer Msodoki whose real name is Eriki Msodoki was born in 1994 in Mwanza, Tanzania. He is a musician who is popularly known for his hit song ‘Sinaga Swagga’.

Young Killer Msodoki Education Background
He attended Lake Mwanza primary school.

For his secondary education he attended Mwanza Secondary School .

Young Killer Msodoki  Career
Young Killer Msodoki  career in music began when he was young,  he began to love music when he was reading in the third grade of primary school Lake Mwanza. In 2008 after he finished the seventh grade he got a chance to recorded.

Young Killer Msodoki  used to attend various clubs in Mwanza where he would sing on stage. He faced a challenge of finding the show when he went into clubs for praying, singing, he was rejected because he was seen still a child. However, he was not one of despair, after finishing his secondary studies, he met a music producer who was known as the Duke, who had signed to work together under the label called Dar Laboratori.

Under that succeeded in recording studio for the first time his song ‘unoitwa’ productions where he sang the rap style bawl, but did not make the well and it also was not very active.

In 2012 there was a talent search competition was called Fiesta super star which was organized by the station broadcasting the Clouds in Tanzania all regions, the aim is to find talent vitakavyowakilisha in concert Fiesta.
Young Killer Msodoki arrived Mwanza has appeared with many other young people to get a chance to announce his talent.
At first he was able to get a chance to make the fiesta show Mwanza and prosperity around all regions of Tanzania and older artists and make them shoo range.
Large which not to forget in his musical life, after getting a chance he climbed on stage to sing one week by American artist Riki Rose, since he had never met him nor plant germination single platform, it gave him great comfort.

Through a new contract, then began identifying its new dance called Dear Gambe, which has been doing well in the music charts of the brain due to his poems touch.
In addition to the song, the recent past has released another song called again yesterday and today featuring Stamina and Quick Racka, and still continues to do well.

He  is the youngest but he is intelligent, he is proud that after receiving money from the Fiesta shoo music and through his dear Gambe, bought two sand and cement trailer with three bags for the reconstruction of their family houses.

Young Killer Msodoki  says the way they are organized in the family, everyone was set to buy her something to complete construction of their homes, so with him, the things he was stationed with his family.
Despite this, he enjoyed great success musically would build his mother a nice house, give him a car to visit and provide capital for his relatives who live in difficult conditions to do business.

Young Killer Songs – Young Killer All Songs
1.Young Killer Msodoki – Sinaga Swagga (official Video)
2. Mrs superstar
3. Mtafutaji
4. Mchana Giza
5. Jicho
6. Furaha yetu – Matunzo zero unit ft.Young Killer
7. Jana na Leo – Young Killer Msodoki & Stamina ft Quick Rocker
8.  Dear Gambe – Young Killer Feat. Belle 9
9. Umebadilika – Young Killer ft BananaZorro
10.Murder Dem – Diamond Platnumz Ft. Young Killer
11. Quiero Volar Contigo
12. Nahitaji Maadui- Dogo D ft. Young Killer
13.  Tusamehe – Young Dee and Young Killer Msodoki

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