Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Nafasi Za Ajira Jeshi La Polisi 2018, Tuma Maombi Makao Makuu

In response to challenges facing the Tanzania Police Force, the Government established a Tanzania Police Force Corporation Sole by The Corporation Sole Act No 23 of 1974 through a Government Notice Number 66 published on 29/03/2013.  Challenges faced include but not limited to:

    Inadequate financing from government coffers adversely affecting operational budgeting.
    Dilapidated infrastructure
    Acute shortages of  decent personnel housing
    Inadequate or dire lack of – equipment, related tools, transportation contemporary technology

The Corporation was established mainly to support the Tanzania Police Force (TPF) byway of

    Conceiving, initiating and establishing innovative income generating programs, projects and activities that are sustainable by utilizing the available resources with minimum or no external stimulus/impact/intervention – that can potentially compromise it’s social obligations/status and constitutional tasks.
    Developing and maintaining internal infrastructure to remedy the above chronic problems
    Modernizing technology and all related equipment/tools/training and operations for innovative ways to combat the rampart/heightened criminal activities that are rife in the communities and beyond.
    Establishing employee motivational programs and incentives to reinstate self-esteem, professionalism, improved livelihood, efficiency and increased recruitment rates of a dedicated workforce.

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