Friday, April 6, 2018

Stacey Pendo Socialite Kenya Biography, Age, Tribe, Instagram & Photos

Pendo Biography

Pendo- Stacy Pendo whose real name is Stacy Brianar Brown, she was born in 1991. She is a Kenyan socialiate, musician, actress, video vixen and model. She is acts at the local reality show ‘Nairobi Diaries’ that airs on K24.

Education Background

She attended Kenya High school for her secondary education. After her secondary education  she joined Nairobi University for a degree in law but dropped out shortly afterwards.

Career in music

She is a great vocalist who was crowned the first runner’s up in Mombasa Got Talent singing contest moved from Mombasa to Nairobi to chase her singing dream. She tried a number of Kenya recording labels but the deal went sour, and since then she has rose to fame to become a socialite with lot of controversy.

Pendo as an actress of Nairobi Diaries

She is one of the most popular socialites in Kenya and the most controversial cast on Nairobi Diaries. She is painted a fighter and a drama queen who thrives on controversy. Pendo however claims that she is purely misunderstood. She says she only has a problem with individuals who step on her toes. Pendo likes to refer to herself as ‘ghetto princess’ and ‘reality TV star’ but has also learnt to accept the tag socialite.

She is known for her cat fights in the cast. She fought with Vera Sidika before she left the cast. She has also fought with Mitchelle Yola who is a girlfriend of Prezzo not forgetting her fight with Ella.


She came to the limelight after her alleged stint with gospel singer Willy Paul. While singer Davido from Nigeria came to Kenya she was alleged  to have a sexual relationship with him after she put a picture with him on social media.

She was alleged to have have stolen a friend’s who had invited her for dinner.  She attended the dinner and after she left the phone vanished and when the host  went to Safaricom to track down the phone, she was shocked to be informed that one Stacey Pendo had the phone.

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