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Victoria Rubadiri Biography, Age, Husband, Daughter, Father & Mother

Victoria Rubadiri Biography

Victoria Rubadiri is a reporter and PrimeTime news anchor for NTV‘s Weekend Edition that airs every Friday to Sunday at 9pm. Victoria Rubadiri also the host and producer of the Women and Power segment that airs every Saturday during the PrimeTime bulletin.

Victoria Rubadiri  has a background in radio working as a business journalist and news presenter at Capital FM in Nairobi for almost two years.

She did freelance work in Public Relations in New Jersey and New York prior to my return home to Kenya. she enjoy cooking and photography in my free time. Her passion is mentoring youth which I have been involved in for the last five years both in the US and Kenya.

Victoria Rubadiri Age

She was born on January 28, 1987 in Kenya.

Victoria Rubadiri: Child

At 18, our biggest predicament is usually where to party over the weekend and which drinks are pocket friendly yet safe, but at 18 Victoria Rubadiri was dealing with a whole different ball game.

She got pregnant, and she opens up to Catherine Odera of True Love Magazine.

…After moving to the states at the tender age of 10, she found it hard to fit in to the new culture and she became withdrawn , enveloped in a cocoon and when she opened up to someone she opened up to a guy who got her pregnant. Scared, she decided to terminate the pregnancy but her dad intervened.

At first, her baby’s father rejected the pregnancy but with time they were able to build an amicable relationship and next year the two will be flying off to New Jersey to visit her daughter’s father.

She says that the father-daughter relationship is great and he supports her on her decision to move back to Kenya to make a living for their daughter. In addition, her baby daddy also cheers her on in all her ventures.

Victoria Rubadiri: Family

Victoria Rubadiri was born on January 28, 1987 in Kenya. At age 10 the family moved to the US. She studied and grew up there until 2010 when she decided to return to Kenya to earn a living for her daughter Neema.

Her mother is a mix of Maasai and Kalenjin, her grandfather was half Kalenjin and half Scottish and my grandmother, Kikuyu, Maasai, and Seychelloise. Her father is a Malawian.

Victoria Rubadiri Career

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Temple University in Philadelphia, ennsylvannia.

Victoria Rubadiri has a background in radio working as a business journalist and news presenter at Capital FM in Nairobi for almost two years. She later progressed to become a news anchor and reporter at NTV.

Victoria Rubadiri: Nationality

The NTV news anchor is Malawian on her dad’s side, but on her mum’s side she is a total cocktail of good genes. She is Kikuyu, Maasai, Kalenjin, Scottish and Seychellois.
Victoria Rubadiri: Relationship with Larry Madowo

They have always made it to lists of perfect anchors chemistry. They also have made it to the wish lists of many as the best couple we would love to see. They have all denied this.

Victoria  and Larry Madowo have the most amazing palpable chemistry on Kenyan TV and many felt that there was a lot of love going on behind the screens.

So it was only natural that people thought that the two were dating something which Larry and Victoria  have denied.

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