Friday, June 1, 2018

Kangai Mwiti Biography, Age, Contacts, Instagram, Youtube & Make Up

About Kangai, Makeup Artist…

“I stand for Passion. Hope. Beauty. I believe that Beauty is Bold. It’s Confident. It’s Imaginative and assured. Courageous. Dauntless. Ravishing. Natural. Royal. To me, beauty is peace.”

Makeup is my fresh foray into the beauty industry as a makeup artist in East Africa. There has never been a better time in the history of Africa where its perception of beauty needs to be redefined. We have taken on Western beliefs of beauty and quite frankly ignored our own. As a Kenyan, and through my work, I’ve has seen and experienced it all. From the glittery, cat-walking superstars to the weak, slum-living poor. And more recently having the chilling experience of being embroiled in fighting and strife, with inter-tribal politics reigning amid a peace-loving people. There was death. There was morbidity. There was fear.

For the first time in Kenya’s history, there was a threat of war.

In retrospect, my interest in makeup started as a test of what I was learning as a business student in school. But now, I have the honor of working with people whose experiences of natural beauty are either undermined or even ignored. I have a hope that someday I can give others the freedom to express who they truly are, irregardless of whether they are of a certain tribe or not. A hope that someday I can help one more person achieve their dreams of becoming more than they ever were. A hope of instilling within African organizations a passion for excellence. A passion that supersedes all other material and temporary passions that Africans are known and even lauded for.

That is what I stand for.

Kangai Mwiti Youtube Account


Marketing Executive…

The entire process of marketing is all about relationships. From accountants to sales people, from software techs to product designers. From the head of the finance department to the lowliest janitor who cleans out your trash cans. It’s all relational.

But at the heart of marketing is your client. Your customer. The people without whom a marketer would not eat, sleep or be clothed. Interestingly enough, everyone but the marketer is the client. From a marketing perspective, everyone except the marketer holds a stake in the future of any organization. So marketing is really about creating and nurturing relationships… and I love it.

As a budding marketer, the only way I can do this is if they give me permission to do so. Without their permission, I’m just bugging them. Taking them for a ride. Really jerking their chains, so to speak.

If you’re here, I hope I’ve gained your permission.


Every once in a while, I get the urge to write about life, marketing and other random thoughts. This blog is my loomstate canvas. My blank piece of lined notebook paper. My brand new creative tablet. My 3-tonne slab of Italian granite. My smooth piece of ebony wood. My brown piece of butcher paper. I create with it. I paint, write, chisel, carve, whittle and shape with it.

With my musings, I will try to capture my ideas and manufacture them in a way that is readily digestible. Please understand that the random writings of an African girl might not be for everyone. My scratchings, as it were, will come with lots of revisions, additions, deletions and completions.

But along the way, don’t hesitate to tell me what you like the most, or the worst. After all, these ideas probably won’t work without the feedback of thousands, nay- hundreds of thousands of my readers. A girl can dream…

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