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Lady Zamar Biography, Age, Background, Husband, Parents, Birthday & House

Lady Zamar Biography

Lady Zamar is a Sound African musician who is among the top rated in the country. She is the new queen of house music. Lady Zamar is a vibrant and dynamic Sound African musician who has graced the South African music scene with sensual and breathtaking vocals. The multi talented songstress is not only a vocal power house, she is a fan of soccer who used to play soccer in high school.

Lady Zamar Background

Lady Zamar, born 8 August in Tembisa’s real name is Yamikan Janet Banda in Tembisa. She was birthed in South Africa and has spent more years there. Before fame, she had plans to pursue a teaching career in Korea but after she and Junior Taurus released “Run Away” and it took off she decided to stay and keep with music. She never thought music could pay her this much , all she wanted was to give it a try but she fell in love with her music career and decided to stick to it.

She has worked with several top rated musician in and outside of South Africa and has featured on some hits such as: Pitori, Mamelodi, Dark Shadows, Love is Blind , Charlotte to list a few.

Aside music career, Lady Zamar is well acknowledge for her philanthropic works. She is an avid philanthropist and businesswoman who has help people a lot and she has used her gained knowledge in impacting in the lives of people through entertainment and fashion. She proudly represent the Lady Zamar Entertainment Brand.

Lady Zamar Music Life

She launched her career many years ago without any intention of staying in it for a long time because she had plans was to teach in Korea. Everything changed when she Junior Taurus released Run Away, the success of the song made her changed her mind and stayed in the music industry instead of teaching in Korea.

The stunning songstress has collaborated with many top South African artistes and has featured on some hits songs like Pitori, Mamelodi, Dark Shadows, Love is Blind and Charlotte.

Lady Zamar released her debut album “King Zamar” in March and she made it known that the album was a long project that took her two years to complete. After a careful observation, we effortlessly learned that love is a big theme throughout the 14-track offering. She also released the music video for her latest single My Baby and she plans on going on a nationwide tour later this year.

She is one of those South African musicians who has bagged several awards and numerous nominations. She won Song of the Year at the recent inaugural DSTV Mzansi Viewers’ Choice Awards.

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