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Timothy Kimani (Njugushi) Biography, Wife, Age, Education, House,Car & Wedding

Njugush Biography

Njugush; a famous Kenyan comedian, MC, influencer, and mentor who plays various roles wedded his longtime girlfriend and the love of his life Celestine Ndinda in December 2016 in a colorful wedding at PCEA Evergreen in Runda. The comedian, whose real name is Timothy Kimani Ndegwa and whose father is a reverend, went to eight primary schools due to the nature of his father’s job. The very beautiful Njugush wife is a Kenyan marketer and influencer who, like her husband, studied at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication where they met and developed a close friendship. Read 

Njugush Come from a Meru Tribe and He was born in 1990.

Njugush Education Background

He went to eight primary schools because his father’s job made him move from one area to another. He attended Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) where he studied Journalism.

Njugush Career

Njugush has had a passion for acting since he was young but since he knew that acting did not offer financial security he wanted to be a full time journalist and a part time actor. While he was at KIMC he hosted a reggae show on the school’s radio station, ECN.

In 2013 Abel Mutua saw a play he had done in 2011 and he called him as he wanted to cast him in a show he was starting ‘Hapa Kule’ which gained popularity on You Tube and it became a show
on its own.

Njugush Wife

Njugush is married to Celestine Ndinda and hi wedding ceremony took place at PCEA Evergreen in Runda, and the reception followed at the same venue. This was attended by leading actors and actresses in the country including Abel Mutua, Philip Karanja, Catherine Kamau, and Jacqueline Matubia. When Njugush girlfriend first met her husband-to-be, he was sleeping on a mat since he had no bed, but she insisted on staying with him. During one of the comedian wedding anniversaries, he described his wife as accommodative, loyal, and persevering.

Njugush Family

He was born in Meru to a reverend and a business woman. his dad worked in Meru at the time. Timothy Kimani Ndegwa has been to six primary schools because my dad got transferred a lot and so my childhood was never spent in one specific place. His family is strong on religion, and dad is a reverend. Timothy younger brother who is almost graduating from Maseno University.

Njugush Net Worth

He earns well and paid as MC, actor, Brand ambassador and from YouTube Google adsense earning.

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