Senior Design Engineer (Telecoms)
Responsible for designing and developing new products or major enhancements to existing products that incorporate software in the overall functionality of electronic products and services. Act as a technical expert addressing problems on multiple platforms systems integration and compatibility. Lead a team of developers in the design of highly complex software systems.


- Software Development Lifecycle - Object orientated design - Databases - Risk Mitigation - Digital Electronics - Computer Software - Computer Aided Design - Communication Networks - Network Protocols - Application Development Platforms

- Database Design & Optimization - Designing - Technical Writing / Report Writing Techniques - Analytical - Decision Making - Problem Solving - Conceptual Ability - Cross Functional Teamwork / Relationship building - Research Techniques - People Management - Project Management - Change Management - Quality Management

- Compile Technical Specification (consult with role-players, collect information, analyze information, plan time scales, compile specification)
- Develop Modules (investigate available technology, evaluate prototype module, draft design report, draft production specification, determine and study required technology, establish availability, cost and delivery times of components and software, develop high level design, design modules and sub-modules, design detail circuitry, software and mechanical parts, review detailed design, emulate and/or simulate software and/or hardware, build prototype modules)
- Provide Design Support (receive and record support request, determine support need, solve installation/product problems, investigate/solve product defects, provide high level training and/or support, implement additional requirements)
- Provide Internal Support Functions (determine support to be provided, provide support function, communicate support provided to customer/supervisor, record support function delivered, procure required tools and equipment)
- Integrate Product (produce electronic module/s and or circuits, produce wiring field/s and/or harnessers, adapt and/or modify existing design/s, integrate modules, field test product)
- Develop Software (produce software modules (written), integrate software module/s, test software module/s, test integrated software product, debug software, evaluate software, propose to develop further if required
- Compile Documentation (compile and deliver presentations, compile draft document, proof read documentation, generate illustrations, drawings, flowcharts and graphics, equations, make corrections, typeset documentation)
- Propose Product (promote product, formulate proposal to needs, develop proposal, communicate proposal to customer to determine customer specific needs/changes, modify proposal, test modification against customer)
- Conduct Feasibility Study (design and test concept (modelling), formulate proposal, compile proposal document, analyze information, collect information, liaise with role-players with reference to options, conduct research)

Job Requirements:
Required Certifications/Registrations : Registration with ECSA will be an added advantage.
Qualifications: Relevant 4 year B.Eng/B.Sc Eng Degree (NQF level 8).
Experience: 3 years relevant experience.
Special Requirements:
- Valid driver's license
- Be prepared to work outside of normal working hours.
- Ability to take ownership of projects and lead teams
- Taking initiative and solving problems through innovative solutions
- Willing to travel

Job Type: Permanent
Company Name: o2 Placements
Company Location: Gauteng

Application contact details
Call us: 074 627 4157
Contact Person: Oriel Opperman
Application Closing Date: Wednesday, December 5, 2018
Remuneration: R800k p.a.
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