Senior Lecturer - Leadership & Self Development
Main purpose of this role: To ensure the relevance and continuity of the subject discipline called Leadership and Self Development at TSIBA

Core Responsibilities
● Hold the integrity of the curriculum (Degree and Postgraduate Certificate & Learnership levels) in terms of content, standard and relevance
● Responsible for articulating and ensuring scaffolding and integration within own subject area and between other majors (Entrepreneurship specifically) within TSIBA qualifications.
● Responsible for the design, delivery, assessment, analysis and administration of assigned courses in line with quality assurance guidelines
● Responsible for the management of strategic relationships with lecturers and tutors
● Responsible for nurturing and maintaining an external network of subject matter and curriculum stakeholders including moderators, corporate partners, donors and sponsors.
Key Performance Areas
1. Curriculum design
● Design and update curriculum with due consideration for market requirements to ensure market-led offerings
● Network with relevant stakeholders to develop appropriate and relevant
Ensure that curriculum meets quality assurance and regulatory requirements
2. Curriculum delivery
● Lecture and ensure the delivery of quality programmes through monitoring and evaluation of courses within subject stream
● Conduct regular analysis of trends and report on trends related to course delivery. The analysis includes but is not limited to pass rates, throughput, etc.
● Teaches on assigned courses and is engaged in tutoring to experience challenges in delivery first-hand
3. Quality assurance
● Complies with all academic deadlines as communicated by the Academic Officer and the Dean
● Complies with all ad-hoc requests from Management to submit progress reports on assigned courses
● Submits one semester and/or one annual report per course including actual pass and throughput results; a year-on-year analysis and recommendations for improvement on each course
4. Relationship management and Networking
● Establishes and maintains relationships with key internal and external stakeholders
● Holds regular meetings with corporate partners, volunteers, pro-bono lecturers, the academic team and external curriculum advisors

Competencies Required:
● Must be adaptable to change, capable of connecting individual courses to broader goals within subject area and or TSIBA curriculum in other subjects
● Compliance/quality assurance orientation
● Excellent communication and networking skill
● Strong administrative skills
● Be able to meet deadlines timeously

Attitude and Fit:
● Embraces TSIBA’s philosophy and culture
● Committed to lifelong learning and personal development
● Willing to share and transfer knowledge
● Able to work with young people on different levels
● Demonstrates an understanding of students, their background and related issues
● Works well in a team
● Innovative and willing to try out new ideas
● Self-motivator who takes ownership to develop Pay it Forward at TSIBA
● Independent worker
● Flexible and adaptable to changing situations and circumstances
● Good at multitasking and managing stressful situations
● Proficient at building and nurturing stakeholder networks
● Have a good work ethic and is interpersonally and culturally sensitive

Experience and Qualifications:
● Minimum qualification: Honours, Masters or equivalent professional qualification preferably in a business-related degree (e.g. Entrepreneurship, Business Science, Commerce)
● Business experience, ideally in a leadership capacity
● Academic knowledge about the field of leadership and self-development
● Some lecturing and/or tutoring experience preferred.

    Suitable for people with a disability

Job Type: Permanent
Company Name: TSIBA Business School
Company Location:  Western Cape

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Application Closing Date: Friday, December 7, 2018
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