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Otile Brown Biography, Real Name, Age, Tribe, Net Worth, Birthday, Songs, Wife & Car

 Otile Brown is a Mombasa born contemporary urban songwriter, actor, musician and guitarist. He was born in March 22, 1995 and discovered his music talent when he was 12 years old. 

While Otile Brown's real name is Jack Juma Bunga, the singer opted for the nickname Otile an acronym for his real name and Brown a pseudonym, which is an obvious choice due to his skin complexion. Otile

Otile Brown is the last born in a family of three brothers and one sister from a Luo Tribe. Otile started music at the age of 12, at the age of 13 Otile Brown had already started writing songs. He came to Nairobi in 2012, where he met Jalango whom he gave his CD and everything, as they say, is History. 
He was signed by Dreamland Music Entertainment. Otile Brown finds being a last born being very cool, you get a lot of affection, advice, and love and learn more from your older siblings.

Otile Brown Music Career

Since He has joined the music industry, Otile Brown has created his and has been melting the hearts of his fans with love songs. His musical journey began when he met with Jalang’o after arriving in Nairobi and gave him his CD. 

This marked a new turn in the young artist as Jalang’o offered to support him and referred him to Docta Eddie; an award winning film director and music producer. The director fell in love with the artist’s work and decided to enrol him as the first musician for Dreamland Music Entertainment.

After an effective joint effort with Khaligraph Jones, named Imaginary Love, Otile Brown has yet returned with a melody that is relied upon to make monstrous warmth in the business. 

The melody they have called DEJAVU, is an account of a wedded couple that has been remaining together for quite a while and the spouse tends to feel that the affection from the husband if blurring

Otile Brown Car

One of the new and expensive car Otile brown has bought owning is a Honda Hybrid.

Otile shared shared a photos of his new car on the social media telling his music fans what kind of a car He own.

Otile, aka Bad Man Shivo, has been dating Vera Sidika for a couple of months before they break up.

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