Friday, 29 May 2020

AMI Expeditionary Healthcare Tanzania Jobs, Public Health Nurse

AMI is a leading provider of medical and specialized healthcare services, providing clients with
sustainable health and medical solutions. AMI is seeking the services of a Registered Nurse with Public

Health background and knowledge of outbreak investigations including case detection and contact
tracing. The Registered Nurse is recruited as a surge personnel to form part of our COVID-19 Response team.

Duties And Responsibilities
Under the direction of the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) or his designate, the incumbent will perform
disease surveillance activities related, but not limited, to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

    Collect and Analyze COVID-19 epidemiological data using statistical measures.
    Extract epidemiological health data from the medical records of mission medical treatment facilities.

    Train and lead the team of medical staff and volunteers that will conduct routine contact tracing.

    Investigate suspect/confirmed cases of COVID-19 and ensure that comprehensive contact tracing is conducted.

    Monitor epidemiological trends within the host country and region including surveillance activity reports for necessary adjustments of mission control measures.

    Report to the office of CMO the results of investigations, special studies, and surveillance.
    Collect epidemiological data for the surveillance of specific diseases of Public Health importance and other health conditions.

    Arrange for the cooperative use of epidemiological data with local and regional health authorities, other agencies, and organizations.

    Work with other health personnel and relevant mission stakeholders for resolution of public health problems.

    Conduct/participate in training and mentoring of medical staff in surveillance activities.
    Participate in the development and review of reporting formats for COVID-19.
    Participate in the development of a risk communication strategy for COVID-19.
    Participate in the development and review of mission COVID-19 preparedness and response plans including relevant SOPs.

    Performs any other duties assigned by the CMO or his designate.
    Ability to work in a professional, responsible, and timely manner while safeguarding medical confidentiality.
    Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues in a multinational environment.
    Ability to manage small teams with minimal supervision.

Minimum Education Qualification Requirements The Prospective Candidate,
    must be a fully qualified Registered Professional Nurse with an accredited Baccalaureate Nursing
Program in a University (3 or 4 years) OR accredited Diploma Program (4 years) after High
    must have completed a Diploma or certificate program in Public Health.
    must have at least three (x 3) years of continuous experience in general Nursing or
management of Public health programs.
    must be currently certified and registered to practice Nursing in his/her own country or
another UN member state. License validity should cover the deployment duration.
    Relevant experience in occupational, tropical, and travel medicine is an advantage.

Minimum of three (x 3) years of experience in Nursing with a bias on Public Health programs such
as management of epidemic outbreaks.

Fluent in English; excellent written and verbal communication skills with experience in reviewing
and editing documents.

Computer skills
Word processing, spreadsheet, database development, and management.
Please send your resume to

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