Nafasi Za Kazi Project Zawadi NGO, Project Manager


Water Project Manager 
Candidate will lead all aspects required for successful design implementation and long-term sustainability of water projects at each of PZ schools

Job Title: Water Project Manager
Job Description: Project Zawadi’s mission is to partner with communities, schools, and teachers to support quality education for Tanzanian children and youth.  Project Zawadi (PZ) is a small non-profit organization that provides support via three programs: Student Sponsorship, School Support (Model Schools), and Teacher Training (Tenda Teachers).

The Model Schools program currently partners with four rural government primary schools to address various needs, including strategic planning, infrastructure (construction) projects, water projects, model farms, leadership development, schools safety, and student support (via student clubs, life skills, and career counseling). These needs and how to meet them are identified in five-year strategic plans developed for each school via a participatory, community-based process involving teachers, school administrators, parents, village elders, and students. Work is done primarily in the area around Nyamuswa Village, Bunda District, Mara Region but may require travel in Tanzania.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

The successful candidate will lead all aspects required for successful design implementation and long-term sustainability of water projects at each of PZ’s model schools.  The successful candidate will:

    Lead efforts to assess current water sources and community water needs at the model schools and local communities.
    Lead efforts to evaluate and determine the cost of various options for water collection (e.g. wells and/or catchment), storage (e.g., distributed and/or centralized, above ground and/or below ground) and distribution required to meet identified needs at model schools
     Lead efforts to select final design of water system at model schools
    Lead efforts to identify and select partners (NGOs, government, fund is)required to evaluate, design and implement water projects at model schools
     Prepare and execute contracts/agreements with selected water partners and manage contract performance.
    Manage the design and implementation of water projects at multiple model schools simultaneously
    Develop materials, facilitate training and implement processes/systems required to support the long-term operation and maintenance of water delivery systems at partner schools and communities, including WASH hygiene training.
    Manage and mobilize key stakeholders (e.g., local communities, school staff, local government PZ program staff, PZ Advisory Board, PZ Board of Directors) to support successful design, implementation, and sustainability of water projects
    Perform all duties in a timely and accurate manner
    Perform additional responsibilities as assigned

Qualifications for the Job
Bachelor of Science in Irrigation and Water Resources engineering or related field or comparable work experience is required. Experience designing and implementing water projects is also required. Experience involving design and implementation of community projects in rural areas, public meeting facilitation, programmatic evaluations, and public speaking is a plus.

Key Competencies:

    Strong program design and management skills.Detail oriented, organized, and able to juggle priorities across multiple projects
    Strong analytical and problem-solving skills including financial assessments
    Uncompromising honesty and commitment to excellence
    Professional behavior and respect for others
    Strong oral and written communication skills in both English and Swahili
    Ability to communicate effectively with key stakeholders, including strong listening skills
    Ability to work proactively, independently and collaboratively
    Comfortable with ambiguity
    Pragmatic and decisive. Able to take a position and defend it
    Coaching and mentoring skills
    Solid computer and social media skills with fluency in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

To Apply:
Send ONE email with ONE attachment that contains a cover letter and CV with the subject line “Water Project Manager” to and In the cover letter explain why you want the job and describe your salary history and requirements.

Deadline to apply: Aug 28, 2020.