English teacher 

Sega Girls Secondary School in Morogoro seeks a “qualified” English teacher to teach Pre-Form 1 students using modern and innovative techniques. Must have Bachelor’s degree of Education or related field plus minimum of 3 years’ experience.

    Work together as a team (Lead Teacher and Assistant Teacher) to oversee a class of 35-40 students, with Lead Teacher assuming overall responsibility for the class.
    Plan lessons in accordance with the priorities (syllabus) established by Sega’s Academic unit and using activity-based instructional methods.
    Execute lesson plans while maintaining discipline in the classroom.
    Prepare homework assignments to be done during the evening study session.
    Provide a daily report to Academic Mistress summarizing key activities and any incidents outside of the expected norm.
    Prepare and mark weekly tests and quizzes to assess student abilities.
     Evaluate and record individual student progress, and give feedback and individual or small group tutoring to students who perform below average.
     Prepare a final report card to be sent home with the student.
    Participate in a weekly progress meeting with Sega’s Academic unit to discuss: a) Summary of past week’s lessons, b) Plan for next week’s lessons, c) Issues and/or challenges.

    Bachelor’s degree in Education or related field.
    Minimum of 3 years of experience teaching English as a Foreign Language.
    Must be available for the full term from October 12 – December 17.
    Demonstrated written and spoken command of English language (shortlisted candidates will be evaluated during the personal interview).
    Prefer native English speaker.

The deadline for submitting the application is 14 September, 2020.