Tuesday, 6 October 2020

Shelf Keeper Jobs At Coast Mart Supermarket Kibaha

Job Profile and Description

A Shelf Keeper is basically employed by retail or a departmental store. Though this is an entry-level position, it plays a critical role in the product delivery process functions of the store.

A shelf keeper is responsible for providing backend support to the supermarket staff for maintaining smooth sales in the supermarket. A candidate for this role usually works under the supervision of a manager.

Duties and Responsibilities
    Keeping the supermarket inventory records and ensuring the minimum stock requirement is maintained.
    Proper handling and storage of all store stock.
    Regularly replenishing and refilling the inventory that is for sale on the store shelves.
    Checking the expiry dates, labels, tags and quality of the goods shelved in the supermarket.
    Ensuring that the goods stacked on the shelves complies with the standards of the supermarket and that they are not damaged.
    Coordinating the work processes with the sales teams and other supermarket departments.
    Efficiently following all the tasks delegated by the supervising authority.
    Completing all assigned targets within the specified deadline.
    Maintaining and ensuring cleanliness in the supermarket
     Following all standard operating procedures of the supermarket.
    Perform any other duties as assigned by the supervisor/ department manager.

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