Friday, 27 November 2020

Nafasi Za Kazi Halmashauri Ya Wilaya Ya Busokelo Mbeya

 BUSOKELO History: Busokelo District Council is one of the new District Councils established in Tanzania and if divided from Rungwe District Council in 2012 after a series of reforms I need to provide better and more adequate services to the community..

Busokelo District Council is located between latitude 80 30 'east 90 30' south of the equator and longitude 33 'and 34' east of the greenwich meridian. The council borders Kyela District to the south, Rungwe District Council to the west , Makete District to the east and Mbeya District to the north. The headquarters of Busokelo District Council is located in Lwangwa Town which is 47 km from Tukuyu town.

The council has a total area of ​​969.14 square kilometers where 85% of the area is used for agriculture while the remaining 15% of the land is controlled by forests, mountains and residential areas.

The climate of this District is due to its height from sea level, Wilayah ii is mountainous where there are Mount Rungwe and Livingstone which is located 770 to 2,265 meters above sea level. The average rainfall is 900 mm in the lowlands to 2,700 mm in the highlands. Normally the temperature is estimated to be 18-25 degrees Celsius throughout the year

Today we announce jobs at BUSEKELO District Council. Read carefully all currently available jobs descriptions by downloading PDF File attached....

Full details and apply through the link below:

Deadline: 09th December, 2020.


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