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Nafasi Za Kazi Mbalimbali Shririka La HJFMRI Mbeya, Apply Now

 Human Resources Advisor  

Join us in our efforts to end the HIV epidemic in Tanzania. Be part of the winning team to advance global health and save the lives of people living with HIV.

About HJFMRI Tanzania Program

The Walter Reed Program Tanzania (WRP-T) is a collaborative effort that supports PEPFAR-funded HIV prevention and treatment activities in the Southern Highlands and within the Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF). HJF Medical Research International, Inc Tanzania (HJFMRI-T) is a local non-profit that has supported these efforts since 2004 for the Walter Reed Army institute of Research (WRAIR). PEPFAR activities are conducted in close collaboration with the Tanzania Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children; and the President’s Office of the Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG), through the Regional and Council Health Management Teams.

HJFMRI-T provides care and treatment to people affected by HIV/AIDS, and has been actively involved in HIV and AIDS programming, providing resources, personnel, and services to the Southern Highlands Zone. The program has expanded from supporting the Mbeya Zonal Referral Hospital to becoming a hub for anti-retroviral treatment in the zone; to community support through decentralized services, with the overall objective of implementing research, clinical HIV, prevention, care, and treatment services. HJFMRI-T currently focuses specifically on four regions in the Southern Highlands zone, namely Mbeya, Rukwa, Katavi, Songwe and Ruvuma for VMMC services only. The program also supports TPDF to implement comprehensive HIV prevention care and treatment program in 21 sites throughout the country.

Employment opportunities:

HJF Medical Research International, Inc. Tanzania (HJFMRI-T) is seeking qualified candidates to fill the positions listed below:

Position : Human Resources Advisor (1 Position)

Reports to : Senior Manager, Human Resources

Location : Mbeya

Duration : 12 Months (with an option to renew based on the availability of funding and need)

General Overview
The Human Resource Advisor is responsible for ensuring all Human Resources functions within HJFMRI Tanzania align with the demands of having a motivated and committed workforce. The incumbent will be responsible for ensuring a meritocracy in recruitment, developing and devising appropriate training and development plans tailored to make staff competent to their roles, ensuring an effective performance management system in place that supports the realization of the program (PEPFAR) targets. It also needs him/her to have a broad knowledge of employee movements within the organization and be well versed with employee’s contracts management and management of employees exit as per Laws governing employment relations in Tanzania. The position needs an individual with outstanding knowledge of Human Resources operations in an international NGO setting and an understanding of Tanzania labor law.

Duties and Responsibilities
    Administer HR policies and practices relating to employment, employee relations, salary administration, benefits administration, orientation, and employee services. Participate in development, implementation, and revision, as needed.
    Plan human resources in conjunction with Heads of Departments by coordinating staff placement, restructuring, deployment, and redeployments to ensure appropriate utilization of the available human resources. This may include advising on the best HR practices related to recruitment, training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, and benefits.
    Maintain compliance with Tanzania employment and benefits laws. Advises on issues related to labor matters and represent the organization to CMA and labor tribunals when necessary.
    Assist supervisors in developing Key Performance Indicators ‘KPIs’ for staff by ensuring the appraisal process contributes to the organization’s performance.
    Advise the management about the steps needed to take any disciplinary action against a staff member according to HJFMRI policies and procedures. Assist in conducting investigations when employee complaints or concerns are brought forth
    Point of contact for all HJFMRI personnel issues, managing personnel records, and general HR files and ensuring their confidentiality.
    Any other ad hoc tasks as requested that underpin the Organizations’ vision and values while considering the credibility and reputation of the HR department

Knowledge and Qualifications
    Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources or business-related field from a recognized institution.
    Minimum of 5 years’ experience in a similar role in an international NGO setting.
    In-depth knowledge of Tanzania Labor Law and HR best practice
    Knowledge of HR systems, Microsoft Office, and databases.
    Good report writing skills and the ability to make recommendations for improvements.
    Strong organizational skills and ability to work in a diverse team as well as independently
    Good oral and written communications with the ability to initiate and draft correspondence
    English language fluency required.

Job Title : Strategic Information Regional Outreach Coordinators (2 Positions)

Reports to : Regional Technical Coordinator Location : Rukwa and Katavi (1 Position)

Duration : 12 Months (with an option to renew based on the availability of funding and need)

General Overview
The Strategic Information Regional Outreach Coordinator will monitor and evaluate initiatives, programs, and projects, both new and established, providing accountability and ensuring efficiency and success endures for Community Partners. S/he will provide feedback to the direct supervisor for establishing, modifying, and monitoring key program-level performance indicators to report and record physical progress for specific programs and projects within all program areas of HJFMRI, specifically community outreach and any other newly established projects ensuring agreed deliverables are met.

S/he also oversees regular project progress reports and collaborates with the Regional Strategic Information Lead to prepare weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual, and narrative reports. Work closely on developing and implementing the work plan to monitor progress and evaluate project activities and innovations’ effectiveness. S/he will be responsible for identifying M&E needs, designing and maintaining data collection systems, and ensuring that all necessary information from routine data collection, special studies, reporting, analysis, and use for evidence-based decision making. S/he will be responsible for ensuring the data collected is comprehensive, clean, and valid. S/He will assist in HMIS, Data Quality Assurance, and Data Demand Information Use training activities at Outreach Partners Level.

Duties and Responsibilities

    Contribute towards developing project documents and guidelines for M&E. In collaboration with his/her direct supervisor, the SI director, and other stakeholders, s/he will contribute towards the development of an M&E framework and an M&E plan for the program. In collaboration with the M&E Department
    Contribute to the development of the M&E framework for the project.
    Develop targets and distribute them to the community partner.
    Develop community indicators for tracking performance for all program areas
    Develop a plan for monitoring and evaluation of the Outreach project activities
    Ensure project indicators (Donor required indicators and Program level indicators) are well captured in various data collection tools
    Develop systems for data quality assessments at the community level.
    Data Management and Analysis
    Keep abreast of developments regarding program changes and progress to advise and recommend tools and strategies to increase program performances and community partner’s results.
    Suggest ways to facilitate data collection and the flow of data within Program field teams.
    Identify strengths and weaknesses in existing data collection and management systems and propose solutions for community Partners.
    Perform field visits to ensure the quality of data collected by Programs and to verify the accuracy of reported data for community Partners.
    Analyze changes and patterns in KPI indicator data and performance reports to make recommendations to Program staff.
    Review and analyze weekly/monthly/quarterly reports to identify the causes of potential bottlenecks in project implementation and to enhance the quality of reporting
    Assist in posting data to the DATIM and IMPACT on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, semiannual, and annual basis after such data has been reviewed by HMIS Advisor, SI Director, and other Program Directors and Managers
    System Development
    Define and implement the key project performance indicators (KPI) and monitor them throughout the projects.
    Propose strategies to increase data use and demand amongst Outreach Partners
    Assist Program staff/ partners in clarifying project information needs.
    Support project/program staff on ways to properly document, organize, and capture program progress.
    Participate in creating and revising data flow charts, tools, and data collection procedures under the supervision of the SI Director
    Review the performance of existing management information systems to help identify potential modifications or resources.
    Communication and Reporting
    Ensure all reporting deadlines are observed at the regional teams
    Communicate with regional staff in case of any issues that need emergence to follow up through the M&E department
    Review and analyze reports to identify the causes of potential bottlenecks for community partners
    Contribute to the M&E monthly journal.
    Assist HJFMRI program to strengthen HJFMRI staff and community partners’ capacity in an effective way to collect, analyze, and utilize data at the regional.
    Conduct data analysis and report project performance trends to the SI Director quarterly for program review meetings, using the specified template.
    Participate in periodic meetings with community partners and other stakeholders on a district and region to discuss achievements, challenges, and lessons.learned
    Document best practices and areas that need improvement and share with all stakeholders
    Be proactive in responding to emails; s/he will be required to respond to emails within 24 hours.
    Capacity building for partners
    Work and build capacity of community partners to develop and implement the program at the partner level, develop performance monitoring plans, including identification of performance indicators; performance reporting systems; field-based technical assistance and monitoring of M&E system;
    In Collaboration with Regional Strategic Information Lead strengthens community partner capacity to collect, collate, and report data using national recording and reporting tools and use data for management and programmatic decision-making.
    Build capacity of Outreach partners to conduct data quality assessment at the partner level, and train staff to do data verification.
    Conduct field-based monitoring, technical assistance, and training visits with project staff, stakeholders, funders, etc.

Knowledge and Qualifications
    A degree in Social or Behavioral Sciences, Epidemiology, Public Health, Health Informatics, Health Sciences, Epidemiology, Statistics, or a related discipline. Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Swahili with proven ability to document and articulate results. Minimum 4 years in monitoring and evaluation focused on supporting HIV/AIDS /PEPFAR activities with a Knowledge of USAID and PEPFAR policies and guidance.

Job Title : Senior Training Manager

Reports to : Operations Director

Location : Mbeya

Duration : 12 Months (with an option to renew subject to availability of funds and need) General overview

As part of HJFMRI Tanzania we are seeking a Senior Training Manager who will be the point of contact for all technical and general training queries and training administration across WRP/HJFMRI Tanzania. We are looking for a professional Training Manager to ensure the smooth and effective functioning of training events and special projects, the Training Manager should be capable of providing support to the management; design, coordination, and conduct large and small-scale training activities will be conducted throughout the Southern Highlands. S/he will also be responsible for all training administration, scheduling, and coordination of training, while continually seeking to identify improvements to deliver training efficiencies and cost-effectiveness. This role is based in Mbeya, Tanzania, and will involve traveling to for fieldwork.

Duties and Responsibilities
    Update and expand the TRAINSMART database including entry of all training events, administer training records and the input of training qualifications in conjunction with the Head of Departments
    Liaise with training providers both internally and externally in relation to course coordination, facilitation including liaising with MOH and other stakeholders and be responsible for associated training administration such as training schedules, bookings, pre and post course work (where relevant), evaluation sheets, certificates etc.
    Record recommendations for training based on an annual needs analysis conducted with Line Managers, HR, and other relevant departments
    Design and apply assessment tools to measure training effectiveness, together with relevant Heads of Departments and the CQI department
    Track and report on training outcomes
    Provide feedback to training participants and management
    Evaluate and make recommendations on training material and methodology
    Coordinate with the Events Manager to ensure logistics for training activities are complete
    Establish and maintain relationships with external training suppliers
    Manage training budget and maintain in-house training facilities and equipment
    Continually evaluate procedures to monitor and analyze course effectiveness.
    Coordinate regular training review boards with managers, CQI department and internal training providers to ensure current and future learning needs are addressed; training provision is efficient and effective.
    identify internal and external training programs to address competency gaps
    Partner with internal stakeholders regarding employee training needs
    Organize, develop or source training programs to meet specific training needs inform employees about training options and map out training plans for individual employees
    Maintain employee training records
    Build and distribute an internal training prospectus covering what training is available, dates, and times employees and managers can access. Recommend ways to promote and improve communication of training opportunities across HJFMRI-T.
    Responsible for assisting the HR Department and the business with the facilitation of all -Training and following up with managers and individuals where required.

Knowledge and Qualifications

    A Bachelor’s degree in a related field, a holder of MPH or/and MBA will be an added advantage.
    Knowledge of TRAINSMART will be an advantage.
    Five years’ work experience in coordinating multiple training especially in HIV/AIDS programs
    Should have knowledge in adult instructional and learning theory and principles, instructional design, training methodologies, learning management systems, and competency assessment
    Previous experience of working within a similar training role and environment.
    Experience in database management.
    Excellent IT skills.
    Good communication and negotiation skills
    Tenacious with a ‘can do’ attitude
    Ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.
    Confident presentation skills with the ability to translate health and technical data for communication to non-technical personnel

Job Title : Regional Strategic Information Lead

Location : Songwe

Duration : 12 Months (with an option to renew based on the availability of funding and need)

General Overview
Regional Strategic Information Lead will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of SI activities for both medical and community partners within their designated region. These include data collection, data quality assurance, data compilation & reporting, and data analytics & use.

S/he will support the development and harmonization of effective monitoring and evaluation systems, support capacity building and training activities on SI topics, ensure and logistics and communication across different program areas (medical, research, and outreach) as it relates to data used to inform programmatic decision making.

The Regional Strategic Information Lead will provide feedback to Strategic Information Director through weekly, monthly, and quarterly analysis of key program performance indicators by reviewing historical trends, identifying programmatic gaps, and providing appropriate solutions to address challenges. Additional responsibilities include collaboration with RHMT (regional health management team), CHMT (council health management team), and outreach implementing partners to provide mentorship regarding data management, quality, and use.

Supervisory duties include capacity building and mentorship of Strategic Information officers to improve national M&E systems, use of data, and timeliness of reporting.

The Regional SI Team Lead is responsible for ensuring the quality of data prior to final report compilation. S/he also will collaborate with the District Program Management Officer & Outreach Program Officers to prepare monthly, quarterly, semiannual, annual narrative reports. The Regional SI Team Lead report to the Strategic Information Director. This position will be based in the assigned region in the Southern Highlands.

Duties and Responsibilities

    Monitor progress of targets (regional and district) and disseminate analysis to Strategic Information officers through IMPACT and DATIM dashboards.
    Ensure the availability of standardized Monitoring and Evaluation tools at district and partner levels.
    Supervise Strategic Information officers to ensure quality data collection and reporting weekly, monthly, and quarterly, and ensure all reporting deadlines are observed.
    Monitor current data collection and management solutions to identify programmatic gaps and develop solutions in collaboration with the district team.
    Review and analyze weekly, monthly & quarterly district reports to identify challenges in program implementation and to enhance the quality of reporting and communication.
    Develop data visualization to identify and track regional program performance through IMPACT dashboards and other analytic tools and implement strategies to increase data use and demand across program staff.
    Oversee implementation of district-level quarterly data quality assessments through analysis of district and facility-based performance
    Conduct final review of data into IMPACT/DATIM on a monthly & quarterly basis prior to submission to SI Director and other relevant staff.
    Participate in field-based supportive supervision activities to include monitoring, technical assistance, and training visits with HJFMRI staff at the district level, involving internal and external stakeholders.
    Liaise with program staff to review and analyze weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports to identify program implementation challenges and enhance reporting and communication quality.
    Work with Strategic Information officers to build data clerks and data assistants’ capacity through recommendations of best practices for data collection, data quality assessment, and reporting using national reporting tools to inform programmatic decision-making.
    Collaborate with HMIS and DDIU advisor to support health information systems, data demand, and information use at the region level

Knowledge and Qualifications
    Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Information Technology, Computer Science, Data Management, Health Sciences, Epidemiology, Public Health, Statistics, or any related discipline. Master’s Degree in related field will be of added advantage.
    A minimum of three years’ working experience at a similar position
    Computer literate in Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, and database administration.
    Technical knowledge of data management policies and procedures
    Expertise in DHIS2, DATIM, IMPACT, CTC2 database, pharmacy module, Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and others.
    Ability to communicate technical data to non-technical audiences
    Excellent data management and data visualizations skills
    Ability to analyze and interpret data for decision making.
    Competent in using Statistical Analysis Packages (SAS, STATA, SPSS, EPI Info) and other analytical software (GIS and Tableau).
    Strong organizational skills and ability to work in a team-oriented, culturally diverse environment.
    Ability to resolve problems and identify appropriate solutions to improve data management and use.
    Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously with a high degree of accuracy and attention to detail.
    The ability to plan work and meet deadlines.
    Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English & Swahili.
    Demonstrated initiative, creativity, and flexibility in problem-solving
    Ability to think strategically and work in a fast-paced environment
    Ability to effectively prioritize projects, schedules, and deliverables
    Ability to travel in Southern Highland up to 50% of the time, building the capacity of the regional team, facility-based health care providers, RHMTs, and CHMTs.
    Experience in organizing and facilitating training, workshops, and meetings.

Job Title : Senior Accountant

Location : Mbeya

Duration : 12 Months (with an option to renew based on the availability of funding and need)

General Overview
This position is responsible for day to day transactional accounting operations of HJFMRI-T operations. The Senior Accountant will serve as a point person for accounting and provide supervision, coaching, and support to program staff and any other junior accountant in the department. He / She is responsible for ensuring compliance with all applicable accounting policies and procedures, laws, and regulations requirements.

Duties and Responsibilities
    Provide leadership and supervision of other department accountants (s)
    Ensuring daily accounting activities are executed with the right ethical practices.
    Perform accounting activities to include financial reports, bank reconciliations, general ledger entries, and other general accounting functions.
    Ensure the document workflow’s efficiency within the department from the point request is made, approval, final payment, and reconciliation.
    Maintain, monitor accounts, and finance helpdesk to ensure that issues raised by other staff are responded to and resolved timely
    Maintain and reconcile petty cash accounts monthly to be reviewed by the accounting manager.
    Maintain robust financial reports in compliance with organizations’ policies and procedures.
    Responsible for GL entries and accurate recordkeeping to support entries and transactions.
    Ensures timely monthly and annual accounting close.
    Resolves accounting issues, concerns, and questions on time to ensure smooth and efficient program operations and to report.
    Provides monthly accounting reports to finance and accounting staff for review.
    Assist in Payroll preparation monthly, payroll reconciliations, and resolving all payroll related issues.
    Reviews vs. prepare monthly reconciliations of all balance sheet accounts.
    Trains project accounting staff on HJFMRI procedures and policies.
    Assist with the preparation of financial reports for the US Government, institutional funders, and private donors as needed
    Respond to routine HQ accounting-related inquiries
    Provides support for internal and external audit support
    Review the completeness and accuracy of regional office and country office monthly, quarterly, and annual financial reports package submissions, resolve related problems and provide guidance to the country offices to resolve them appropriately.
    Maintain vendor files and related accounting records, such as leases and contracts
    Manage accounts payables, receivables, payroll, travel advances, and international wires
    Supports or leads on special projects as needed.
    Any other responsibilities as assigned by the accounting manager, in support of the team.

Knowledge and Qualifications
    Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, or related field.
    ACCA/CPA (T) is an added advantage
    Five years minimum accounting and auditing experience, preferably in a nonprofit or international development environment
    Four years of supervision experience in mid to large accounting department
    Knowledge of and familiarity with accounting systems/packages
    Experience managing staff
    Ability to use good judgment and professionalism; experience in decision-making
    Excellent analytical skills
    Excellent Microsoft Excel skills and experience with QuickBooks accounting software
    Experience with US government regulations a plus
    Accuracy and attention to detail
    Ability to meet communicated schedules and deadlines
    Strong skills in internal controls and accounting standards
    Ability to function effectively both autonomously and on complex/sensitive issues and projects.
    High level of professionalism, transparency, and integrity in the overall production of work.
    Excellent written and oral communication skills in both English and Kiswahili
    Willingness to abide by all ethics and compliance policies of HJFMRI

Job Title : General Accountant

Location : Mbeya

Duration : 12 Months (with an option to renew based on the availability of funding and need)

General Overview
HJFMRI-TZ seeks to hire a self-motivated and talented General Accountant. The purpose of this position is to ensure the accuracy of entries; timelines of payments and financial reporting to the program are done without delay. The position holder has to perform balance sheet reconciliations and provide advice and support to staff in financial management.

Duties and Responsibilities
    Prepare documents by scrutinizing and verifying that all required attachments have been supplied before documents are channeled for approval, posting, and payment process.
    Post entries into Quick Book daily.
    Ensure all entries posted into QuickBooks comply with the International Financial reporting standard, GAAP, and QuickBooks accounting and reporting manual.
    Initiating payments into the banking system or writing bank checks while ensuring segregation of duty is strictly for each paid document strictly observed between posting and payments.
    Ensure payments and all other processes comply with internal control policy and other policies.
    Prepare and submit all documents posted and paid through the bank to the senior accountants daily for QB check application and reconciliation purposes.
    Maintain the document workflow system and ensuring the document workflow template is fully updated with daily posting and payments made.
    Ensure all payments are correctly scanned and submitted to HQ.
    Reconcile financial discrepancies and errors as reported by collecting and analyzing account information.
    Answer accounting procedure questions by researching and interpreting accounting policies and regulations.
    Enforce internal policies to program staff, e.g., Training SOP, Travel advance policy, Mpesa policy, and other program policies.
    Prepare financial reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing account information and trends, as directed by the Senior Accountant and/or Accounting Manager.
    Maintain professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; participating in professional societies.
    Prepare the monthly payroll entry for review by the Senior Accountant.
    Prepare monthly closing schedules for review by Senior Accountant.
    Reconcile bank accounts and clears any discrepancies in the balances by researching and analyzing the account information.
    Maintain and reconcile petty cash accounts on a monthly basis to be reviewed by the Senior Accountant
    Manage timesheets and make the follow-up. Where necessary, scanned them to HQ.
    Manage statutory deductions, NSSF, PPF, and PAYE Files monthly.
    Work with other program staff to understand program activities and appreciate the existing linkage with finance.
    Take the initiative to understand budget preparation, implementation, and monitoring process and the program’s overall financial management.
    Work while observing the Professional Code of Conduct (PICCO). Professional behavior, Integrity, Competence, Confidentiality, and Objectivity. The general accountant is directly obligated to report any misconduct observed or heard against these codes to the immediate supervisor or the appropriate reporting channel.
    Undertake other assignments assigned by the senior accountant, accounting manager, and Senior Finance Director.

Knowledge and Qualifications
    Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or relevant field. CPA/ACCA is an added advantage.
    Deadline-oriented, Reporting Research Results, SFAS Rules, Time Management, and Data Entry Management.
    Experience working in accounting with an international NGO, health-related NGO especially desirable.
    1 -2 years of QuickBooks Enterprise or similar electronic accounting software experience
    Knowledge of the full accounting cycle.
    Highly proficient in Excel and Word applications.
    High level of deductive reasoning.
    Ability to problem-solve and take the initiative to resolve issues.
    Excellent communication (verbal and written) in English and Swahili.
    Exceptional follow-through skills.
    Ability to meet deadlines.

    Cover letters and resumes should be sent by mail through post/EMS/DHL/ or any reliable Courier to the Human Resources and Administration Manager, P.O. Box 6396, Mbeya, or sent through e-mail to

NOTE: To be considered, applicants must put the TITLE OF THE JOB in the SUBJECT LINE. “CVs should not include any reference to marital status, birthplace, or tribal or religious affiliations. Any CVs containing this information will not be considered for employment”. Applications that are hand-delivered will not be accepted.

The deadline for submitting the application is December 31, 2020. Those who do not meet the minimum requirements, as detailed in the job description above, will not be considered.

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