Thursday, 3 December 2020

Nafasi Za Kazi WINBILL Supermarket Dar es salaam, Accountant

Company Name: WinBill Supermarket

Location: Mbezi Temboni

Job: Financial Accountant

Job Description:

    Cash Management including making payment to suppliers, receiving cash from cashiers at the end of their shift time, issuing floats to cashiers, handling the main petty cash of the supermarket, managing the supplies and ensuring that that there is enough cash to pay the suppliers as and when it is needed
    Managing the bank transactions, ensuring that the daily cash sales are banked the next working day, performing periodic bank reconciliations and cash count reconciliations.
    Inventory management by ensuring that inventory movement from the shop is physically reconciled with the system inventory balances, monitoring expired or defective items in the shop
    For bakery production purposes, monitor the movement of raw materials and analyse the productivity from the raw material procured
    Fixed Asset Management. Ensure that the fixed assets of the company are properly managed in a fixed asset register
    Suppliers management, keep data for suppliers that supplies on credit and monitor the credit terms
    Compliance with laws and regulations, ensure that company complies with regulatory requirement such as PAYE, WCF, NSSF, Corporate tax, SDL, VAT, specific regulatory requirements for supermarkets and bakeries, etc
    Financial Reporting. Ensure that all transactions are entered in the accounting package in time and analysed and financial reports are issued from time as will be requested by directors
    Internal and external audits: attend to internal and external auditors and ensure that the company gets clean reports form the auditors
    Managerial role; take up the managerial role when the manager is not there to ensure that the shop floor is well attended and provide technical input when required from the shop floor attendants

    Graduate from any recognized institute/college in Tanzania, CPA will be an added advantage
    Be ready to work long hours
    At least 3 years’ experience. Working from the same industry is an added advantage
    Be ready to start at short notice
    A resident of Kimara or MBEZII is preferable;

Apply to:
WinBill Enterprises Limited
P.O.Box 11621, Dar es Salaam
By email to:

Deadline for receiving the applications: 3rd November 2020
Note: Be ready to attend the interview on 5th December 2020 if shortlisted.

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