Wednesday, 3 February 2021

International Trade Centre Jobs In Dar es salaam, Photo Assignment

You are an experienced photographer based in Tanzania. Here is an assignment to work alongside the International Trade Centre (ITC) in taking photographs and writing short descriptions of the work of a series of coffee producers. The goal of the assignment is to take attractive photos of the coffee production, people and communities of around 10 such coffee producers. The output will be used to complete websites and in social media to promote the coffees toward international buyers.


For each coffee SME:

    At least 30 high quality photos, taken using a digital SLR camera (or superior) of at least 12 MP (native, no up-sampling)
    Photos must show a subject of interest, be in good light and have a good composition
    At least 3 explanatory sentences for each photo
    At least 1 interview of at least 150 words with a representative of the coffee producer (preferably the owner or manager)
    One short video (2-3 minutes) per company - to be confirmed -

    Attend a short briefing with ITC’s consultant
    Organise photo RDV’s with assistance of local consultant (marketing coach and/or national coordinator)
    Shoot a sample portfolio as aboveObtain approval of quality and approach from ITC before shooting

Interested candidates should submit a CV and photography portfolio (PDF, PPT file, Google drive link, website, etc.) to the following address:

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