Friday, 26 February 2021

New Job Vacancies At Aga Khan Health Services Dar es salaam

The Aga Khan Health Service, Tanzania (AKHST) an institution of The Aga Khan Development Network, has completed a major expansion of the Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam. This expansion aims at enhancing the Hospital’s facilities, technology and capacity which will allow it to become the leading provider of high- quality medical care focusing on tertiary medicine, reversing the flow of medical tourism and enhancing its capacity to deliver high quality health sciences education.

The Hospital’s recent expansion focuses on expanding key clinical services including the development of comprehensive cardiology, oncology and neurosciences programmes as well as the expansion of orthope­dics and trauma, diagnostic imaging, pathology, critical care, and women and child health.

The Hospital is ISO 9001 certified and Joint Commission International Accredited which is a testimony to the provision of the highest level of quality and patient safety that compares with the best hospitals in the world. The Hospital is also a teaching site for The Aga Khan University, which offers postgraduate medical education programs leading to Master’s of Medicine in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine and Surgery. The Aga Khan Hospital is also an accredited internship site and accepts 60 interns annually.

The Hospital has also established 23 outreach health facilities that are located across 11 regions of Tan­zania and are connected via an integrated health systems that supports a strong continuum of care from primary to tertiary medicine.

We are seeking for enthusiastic and qualified experienced personnel for the following positions:


The Project Coordinator / Monitoring and Evaluation for the EC Private and Public Collaboration Project aims to support both public and private health systems improvement around infectious diseases. The project Coordinator and Monitoring and Evaluation Lead will oversee the overall implementation of the project, assume technical leadership and will be responsible for the project deliverables. S/he will lead and provide technical inputs in implementation of the project components and to improve and facilitate the project performance and ensure robust monitoring and evaluation strategy and frameworks are in place.

    Oversee project processes and activities to ensure key project deliverables including clinical and capability building program achieve safe and quality healthcare outcomes.
    Implement project plans and strategies to ensure the activities are relevant to the health systems that it aspires to serve.
    Manage performance of key project components in procurement, digital health and capacity building initiatives
    Undertake appropriate strategies to enhance access to the health facilities through this grant within the partners.
    Develop and implement an overall project monitoring and evaluation strategy and frameworks that will ensure timely information and feedback to project stakeholders; develop the ability of key deci­sion makers to communicate and manage information effectively;
    Continually monitor outcomes and satisfaction of key beneficiaries and take appropriate steps to en­sure a high level of patient and staff safety using the framework of the standards of care.
    Ensure the donor policies are institutional systems and protocols are effectively utilized that facilitate communications between the project team and other stakeholders. With the project team and stake­holder groups, conduct monitoring activities and ensure accurate and timely reporting.
    Work with marketing and communication department to develop and implement a robust promotion of services under the grant.
    Strengthen areas of collaboration and cultivate positive relationships among Government, healthcare communities in private sector and funding partner.
    Create an environment of continuous improvement that fosters collaboration between health profes­sionals in public and private sector.

    Master’s Degree in Health Care, Allied Health or Epidemiology or in Business Administration
    A degree in any clinical discipline will be an added advantage
    5 to 7 years of executive-level experience in project and data management / Health Care Administra­tion etc
    Extensive knowledge of current health care administration, principles and practices.
    Extensive knowledge of management principles, practices and procedures including accounting & finance, purchasing, people management, facilities, human resource and related supporting services
    Ability to analyze operational data and employ approved management techniques to obtain maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
    Ability to interpret established policies into operating procedures to facilitate implementation of EC funded programs.
    Ability to evaluate concerns of the public, patient and employee groups and translate such concerns into effective operational solutions
    Excellent people management, interpersonal, leadership and delegation skills.
    Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
    Excellent project management, presentation and organizational skills.
    Excellent and positive influencing skills at a senior customer and stakeholder levels.


The incumbent, Coordinator for Digital Health Services will be responsible for the overall leadership of op­erational, financial, programmatic and personnel activities for Digital Health including Telehealth at AKHST. The Executive is responsible for building a cross-functional team to establish and maintain a strong AKHST Health’s digital front door and digital health services, aimed at engaging patients & partners to enable them to access services. He/ She will work closely with a variety of stakeholders, including close partners in Infor­mation Technology, Marketing, and Physician Informatics. The role includes establishing and continuously monitoring the goals and objectives of the project while maintaining alignment with the strategic goals and objectives for the organization. While the range of duties and responsibilities is broad and varied, the posi­tion’s major responsibility is directing day-to-day operations of the digital health services. The Coordinator works closely with a variety of stakeholders, coordinating the activities of Digital Health and Telehealth across the country and beyond. He/She is responsible for direct running and supervision of the Telehealth operations team and will maintain relationships with other key staff members of the organization.

    Contribute to the success of the AKHST providing direction and coordination of operations, for area of responsibility.
    Serves as the key lead on Digital Health coordination and ensure evidence based data driven activ­ity to AKHST in order to facilitate information and data sharing between the participating institutions
    Continually assesses all services, identifies problems, utilizes data to analyze and propose innovative approaches for solutions.
    Leads and/or serves on a variety of appropriate internal and external committees to represent the Digital Health domain.
    Maintaining relationship with Insurances companies and NHIF
    Ensure use of digital platforms and communication to support staff professional development cen­tered around access to evidence-based medicine resources
    Ensure use of data to strengthen the referral network linking other hospitals (public and private), OHCs and PMCs to Aga Khan Hospital in Dar es Salaam
    Maintain records related to operations and services that are complete, accurate, available, and in compliance with all legal, regulatory, and policy requirements.
    Remains current of new trends and best practices and incorporates into Digital Health practices and programs.
    Demonstrate achievable and measurable results on telemedicine consultations and develop action plans for improvement.
    Ensures development of Digital Health initiatives to improve patient satisfaction and family centered care.
    Develops and implements clinical outcome measures for quality improvement, cost and complication reduction, and the implementation of evidence-based medicine.
    Actively listens to sstakeholders’ ideas and concerns, assesses for adaptability to the project
    Eeffectively facilitates meetings on Digital Health services at both organizational and stakeholders- level.
    Creates bi-directional systems that effectively communicate information and data, utilizing multiple methods to encourage use of digital health services.
    Explore extension of digital health consultations to other interested international stakeholders
    Articulates and presents data, information and ideas in a clear and concise manner.
    Manages the complex interdepartmental and interdisciplinary relationships to assure collaboration and effective/efficient operations within Digital Health.

    Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Business, Information Technology, Medicine, Nursing or other relevant field
    Preferred Master’s degree in Business, Information Technology, Medicine, Nursing or other relevant field.
    Minimum Eight (4) years of relevant experience, including three (3) years of management experience in, innovation, digital health services, information technology, patient engagement, healthcare opera­tions or other relevant field
    Preferred Experience in a large academic or complex health program
    Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to include the ability to negotiate and resolve con­flicts and build teams.
    Demonstrated creativity and flexibility.
    Ability to operate in high-pressure situations.
    Excellent organizational skills.
    Demonstrated innovative approach to problem resolution.
    Demonstrated commitment to patient- and family centered care.
    Broad knowledge of modern health care administration practices and principles within a managed care environment and/or an academic medical center.
    Effective organizational, planning and project management abilities.
    Ability to function independently and deal with multiple, simultaneous projects.

Effective leadership abilities:
    Ability to implement change in a positive, sensitive and forward- thinking manner
    Planning and problem solving
    Developing goals and objectives, and establishing priorities
    Inspires confidence, appropriate risk taking and achievement of high standards
    Self-starter with a willingness to try new ideas
    Positive, can-do attitude coupled with a sense of urgency
    Ability to persuade others and develop consensus
    Ability to create win/win solutions and relationships



The deadline for submitting the application is 07 March 2021

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