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Frankfurt Zoological Society Tanzania Jobs, 3 Vacancies Are Open


Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) conserves wildlife and ecosystems focusing on protected areas and outstanding wild places. FZS maintains long-term conservation programmes in Africa, South America, Asia and Europe.

With increasing funds for biodiversity conservation from the development banking sector, we have identified the need to provide additional support to projects in Serengeti, Nyerere National Parks and Selous Game Reserve and Tanzania Country Office (TCO)  to meet donor requirements. We are seeking an experienced project accountant to provide backstopping to project teams to ensure that procurement of goods and services adhere to the financial policies laid out by donor requirements.

Position title:  Project Accountant
Reports to:  Head of Finance and Administration (HoFA)

Start date:  Immediately
Position in the organization: Project accountant will report directly to HoFA. The Project Accountant will work closely with the Procurement Officer together with Program Managers to ensure timely delivery of BMZ/KFW grant.  

Key functions:
    Full implementation of the FZS Accounting Policy & Procedures, preparation of accounts for sound and accurate management, reporting and auditing;
    Work very closely with our partners to ensure compliance and deliverance of desired outputs;
    Ensure that effective financial management systems are in place, sound control and filling; Ensure strict adherence to the approved budgets;
    Support the Head of Finance in the preparation of financial reports to donor and auditors;
    Ensure: Financial reports are regularly prepared to inform management; donor reports are prepared on time and cash flow is available for project expenses and activities;  
    Help project staff in linking Grant Budget to Grant Work-plans, so that the activities to be undertaken in the projects matches with approved budgets;
    Provide regular and timely summaries of funds status to Program Managers.
    Support for procurement procedures; work closely with Procurement Officer to ensure proper approval, filling and documentation as per FZS/donor guidelines.
    Prepare financial statements as required by donors, prepare quarterly and annual financial statements as per project agreement;
    Establish and carry out procedures to monitor and regulate own tasks, activities and responsibilities;
    Provide accounting guidance and support to partners;
    Together with the Procurement Officer and Storekeepers put efficient systems in place to properly monitor and secure the assets of the Project;
    Daily recording of cash, bank payment, imprest and expenses to the system; and
    Undertake other activities assigned by the Country Director or Head of Finance, even if outside the normal duties as per this job description.

Holder of Bachelor of Commerce and Accounting or Finance, Business Management/ Administration or related degree, Certified Public Accountant (CPA T) with Minimum of 5 years’ relevant experience

2 year full-time contract based at TCO Arusha with occasional travel to FZS project sites. Candidates should be considering a longer-term commitment.

    Your application should contain a cover letter, your chronological CV as well as qualifying certificates. Your cover letter should answer the following questions:
    Why would you like to work for the advertised position?
    What qualifications and personal qualities make you a good candidate?
    Please send your electronic application documents (as one single pdf) and indicate your salary expectations and the earliest possible starting date to

Key competencies:
Competent in the following areas and exhibit these whilst carrying out daily duties:

    Integrity: Maintain high ethical standards, both personally and professionally, show integrity and fairness in dealing with others;
    Initiative: Be proactive and identify tasks which are required;
    Planning and working patterns: Structure one’s work in an orderly and transparent manner, carrying it out with an eye for detail and accuracy.  Set goals and priorities in an effective manner, and endeavour to always achieve a high standard of workmanship;
    Teamwork:  Co-operate and work well with others in the pursuit of team goals: share information and support others.  Contribute effectively towards the organisation’s goals and towards solving problems/conflicts;
    Flexibility: Adaptable, receptive to new ideas, willing and able to adjust to changing demands and circumstances;
    Problem analysis: Point out problems, recognise important information, trace causes of problems.

1. Name of the position : Procurement Officer- FZS Tanzania

2. Position in the organisation :

    Reporting to the Head of Finance and Administration
    The position will support sourcing and procurement of goods, works and services in the most cost-effective manner.
    The post holder will provide support for wider procurement issues relevant to FZS projects in Tanzania.
    The Procurement Officer will also work alongside with Project Accountant and Program Managers

3. Purpose of the job
    To provide support in all matters related to procurement and logistics in project sites from Arusha office.
    Sourcing and procurement requirements may include (but are not limited to) spare parts, construction projects, field equipment (vehicles, tents, uniforms etc).   
    Participate in preparation of procurement plan based on approved budgets and AOPs.
    Secretary to the Procurement Management Unit (PMU)

4.  Roles and Responsibilities:
    Strategic Procurement Management:
    Conduct source audit exercises through supplier selection, evaluation, and assessment.
    Support the preparation of Project’s Annual Procurement Plans
    Support the Projects in procurement and other logistics to ensure goods, works and services are procured in a timely way to facilitate project implementation and at the same time receive value for money.
    Work with the Program Managers to ensure vendors follow all the tendering regulations, procedures and instructions
    Ensure orders are accurately drawn with the correct specification, quantity, qualities and delivery requirements
    Review all requests and purchase orders for completeness and conformance to user requirements.

Strategic Sourcing:
    Manage consistent and effective strategic sourcing process.
    Support negotiations for large procurements i.e. vehicles.
    Communicate sourcing approaches to all relevant stakeholders.
    Participate in quarterly pre-qualification of suppliers and ensure that the supplier’s database is regularly updated.

Contracts Negotiation and Management:
    Direct content for key supplier contracts including terms and conditions to mitigate risks for FZS Tanzania.
    Preparation of standard bidding documents, with terms and conditions of the tender.
    Monitoring performance and delivery of the terms of references of the contractors and recommendation for contract termination in cases of non-compliance to the TORs.
    Frame contractual agreements for supply of consumables at the same prices for specific agreed period.
    Support negotiations are carried out on contracts and orders to realize possible savings for the organization.

Performance Measurement and Management:
    Support Project Managers in drafting and preparation of reports to donors and partners (quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports)  
    Manage relationships with key suppliers.
    Ensure preparation and submission of weekly/monthly procurement status reports in order to engage the suppliers and other stakeholders
    Keeping records of stores and all materials movements at Arusha semi office
    Ensure implementation and maintenance of an updated suppliers’ database with catalogues of various products and prices. Ensure timely clearance of goods from the port by working with clearing agents, relevant government arms and timely processing and follow up of relevant government exemptions like VAT.
    Ensure relevant original documents are obtained from Suppliers i.e. EFD receipt, fiscalised invoice
    Printing, filing and maintaining records of all project activities implementation in its respective files at Arusha office.

5. Job Requirements: Qualifications and Experience:

    Bachelor’s degree in Materials Management/Procurement and Logistics or similar
    At least three years of experience with Procurement and Logistics in donor funded projects.
    Good written and spoken English
    Willingness to work long hours in remote areas with minimal supervision
    Valid class D motor vehicle driving license and clean driving record
    Excellent computer skills.

b. Desired:
    Experience working or living in the parks when required to.
    One or more years of experience working in wildlife conservation sector
    Experience working with international NGOs and donor-funded projects

c.  Offer
2 year full-time contract based at TCO Arusha with occasional travel to FZS project sites. Candidates should be considering a longer- term commitment.

e. Behaviour Competencies
    Integrity – Maintain high ethical standards, both personally and professionally; shows integrity, respect and fairness when dealing with others
    Teamwork – Co-operates and works well with others in the pursuit of team’s goals; shares information; supports others. Contributes effectively towards a collective (organizational) goal or towards solving problems/conflicts even when the topic involved does not directly serve one’s own interests
    Flexibility – Adaptable; receptive to new ideas; willing and able to adjust to changing demands and circumstances. Willingness to work on week-ends and during holidays if needed
    Planning and organizing – Setting goals and budgeting in a transparent and effective manner; indicating necessary action, time and resources and monitoring progress
    Initiative – Recognizing opportunities and acting on them. Pro-active, self-starting rather than passively accepting; actively influencing events.
    Creativity – Conceiving original solutions to job-related problems. Introducing new working methods to replace existing ones.

Position title:  STOREKEEPER/ Cashier
Location:  Seronera, Serengeti National Park
Reports to: Project Accountant, Serengeti Conservation Project

Job overview: 
Undertake full management of the food ration store, as well as the spare parts store.  Ensure that all items are entered into the store and that the correct protocols for issue are followed and handling petty cash.  At all times ensure that FZS allocated resources are used as per the FZS project strategy and operation plans, that FZS policies, donor standards and procedures are adhered to in order to attain the conservation support objectives of the Project. Ensure a good team spirit is maintained, and work with integrity and pride, in order to ensure sound working relationships with all partners.

Key functions:
    Take care of all assets under food store and Garage spares and making sure the store is neat and items are recorded to the QuickBooks;
    Raise a requisition form when food items and spare parts are needed;
    Assisting Driver-purchasing officer in monthly purchase of food items when needed;
    Receive all of the purchases from Purchasing Officer by writing receiving note and keep the record i.e. keep accurate records of all incoming and outgoing goods from food store and garage store;
    Issue/dispatch food rations to ranger post as required and on time using an issue note; similar to the garage issue note for spare parts.
    Issue a monthly report showing the cost of each post e.g. Ndasiata, Moru, De-snaring, etc. and send it to finance office for cost allocation (this can be done with assistance from Finance office if needed).
    Overall in charge and follow-up overall inventory management for food stuff and Garage spares parts
    Take physical inventory once a month to cross-check with the monthly inventory report, to be signed and checked by Project Accountant;
    Be responsible to ensure goods kept operate by ‘first in first out’ method (FIFO).
    To ensure recording of the necessary data in QuickBooks on time, upon receipt and issuing of food items and spare parts.
    Be responsible to ensure the quantity requested and the quantity issued always matches;
    Be responsible to ensure store requisition form is signed by the person collecting the goods and enter into the Inventory QuickBooks;
    Work closely with Purchasing Officer-Driver to order and receive items;
    Notify Operations and Logistics, in the absence of Project Accountant, of any low food stock levels;
    Handling petty cash, maintaining proper filling as per FZS standard;
    All spares stocks to be well maintained, and with items diligently entered into and out of the store;
    Work closely with the Operations and Logistic in order to maintain good stock levels.

Qualification and experience:
    Minimum Qualification: Diploma in Procurement and Logistics/Supplies Management, Business Administration and/or Accounting.
    At least Five (2) Years of progressive experience in handling Petty cash and managing store using Quick book software
    Ability to communicate and coordinate well with other staff, and work within a team, while keeping the principles of integrity, pride and discipline in the foreground

Mode of Application:
Your application should contain a cover letter, your chronological CV as well as qualifying certificates. Your cover letter should answer the following questions:

Why would you like to work for the advertised position?

What qualifications and personal qualities make you a good candidate?

    Please send your electronic application documents (as one single pdf) and indicate your salary expectations and the earliest possible starting date to


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