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Nafasi Za Kazi Four Seasons Hotel: HouseKeeping & Assistant Manager

 Assistant Housekeeping Manager


As Such, The Assistant Housekeeping And Laundry Manager Has Responsibility For

The Assistant Housekeeping and Laundry Manager is a key individual in achieving the goals and quality standards of the Housekeeping and Laundry Department. The Assistant Housekeeping and Laundry Manager must impact all elements of the Department, from standards of cleanliness to employee morale, to budgetary goals, to interdepartmental relations.

Overseeing operation of the Housekeeping Department on a day-to-day basis and assists with the operation of the laundry department. In the absence of the Director of Housekeeping, fulfilling the operational needs of the Housekeeping and Laundry and staff needs or requests, as possible. Work with the Director of Housekeeping to be proficient in the administrative operation of the applicable departments.

Essential Functions
    Conduct self in a professional manner at all times.
    Adhere to the established standard of conduct and house rules, fire regulations and department procedures and policies.
    Dress in issued uniform and ensure a neat, clean and tidy appearance at all times.
    Report to work on time, aware of schedule at all times and if unable to attend work, notifies the Director of Housekeeping in adequate time as stated in Employee Handbook.
    To assist the Director of Housekeeping in the management of the daily operations.
    To be responsible for the operation and administration of the department, in the absence of the Director of Housekeeping.
    To ensure that the Housekeeping and Laundry Department provides the highest standards of excellence in product, physical atmosphere and service.
    To maintain superior standards of cleanliness in all guest contact areas and staff areas. Assist in maintaining a safe environment at all times.
    Able to maintain and support company standards.
    Assist in the recruitment, hiring, training, evaluating, disciplining and motivating of employees.
    Be responsible for the timely completion and posting of all schedules, including staff roster and general / deep cleaning schedules.
    Monitor staffing to ensure maximum service, quality, efficiency and productivity.
    Monitor daily assignments to ensure that proper quotas are maintained.
    Monitor the requisition of guest supplies, Laundry Supplies, office and cleaning supplies.
    Inspect all public and back of the house areas cleaned on a regular basis to ensure maintenance of standards.
    Responsible for Day to Day operations of Laundry, including processing of all Guest linen, Room Linen, E Housing Linen and Uniforms Participate in the monitoring of cost management as it pertains to inventories, use of supplies, labor and energy.
    Become familiar with Housekeeping and Laundry Department and be able to monitor standards pertaining to guest service, operational efficiency, safety, production, quality and personnel in the absence of the Director of Housekeeping and Housekeeping and Laundry Manager .
    Ensure proper professional working relationship with all departments and divisions within the lodge.
    Ensure that all vacant villas are in good housekeeping condition.
    Review on a monthly basis all work orders, submitting in writing a list of all outstanding work orders. Develop and maintain the “Perfect Room Program” for the guest rooms/ villas and public areas.
    Work closely with Director of Engineer and his team to ensure the rectification works and all defects in every location are carried out promptly and according to standards.
    Participate in conducting and planning monthly departmental meetings and ensure housekeeping and laundry concerns are attended for all arrivals in the daily arrival meetings with Front Office.
    Conduct Housekeeping and Laundry Core Standard tests on Supervisors and Attendants on regular basis.
    Monitor and ensure all staff performance, and all works are carried out according to established procedures and Four Seasons Core Standards.
    Conduct staff counseling sessions whenever necessary for areas of improvement and concern. Implement training for all new hires and re-training for staff whenever necessary.
    Is competent in MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) procedures and trained in accident response.
    Ensure all team members are aware of MSDS procedures and accident response.
    Ensure the targets are met for Housekeeping and Laundry Core Standards Tests Database.
    Assist the Director of Housekeeping in establishing and updating of the Standards Training Manuals.
    Assist the Director of Housekeeping in setting of the annual operating budgets.
    Ensure adequate stocks of all operational supplies at all times and keeping cost within budgets.
    Ensure all Laundry Chemicals are ordered on time ,
    Conduct quarterly inventories of Linen and submit the report to Director of Housekeeping.
    Conduct quarterly inventories of Linen and submit the report to Director of Housekeeping.
    Able to be hands on with operations whenever necessary. Able to highlight training needs of all staff and assist the Director of Housekeeping in developing the training plans accordingly to maximize their potentials and increase productivity and efficiency level in the department.
    Well informed of basic lodge information in order to assist any guest when enquired.
    Inform the Director of Housekeeping of any unusual events and communicate any special instructions during handover.
    Maintain good communication with other departments.
    Manage any valuables/items found in guests/staff laundry and rooms with the Security department.
    Monitor all Housekeeping and Laundry Buggy drivers to ensure full compliance with safety regulations.
    Perform any other duties as assigned by Management.
    Complies with Four Seasons’ Category One and Category Two Work Rules and Standards of Conduct as set forth in EmPact. Works harmoniously and professionally with co-workers and supervisors.
    May be required to temporary relocate to Arusha logistics office to help.

Specific Responsibilities And Task
Proficient in mathematics to conduct and submit accurate inventories reports. Proficient in computer skills and software to manage all records, eg. Purchasing orders, Opera and Lotus Notes systems and basic Microsoft office software. Ensure achievement of minimum average of 85% and above in the daily core standards tests by all staff and conduct any re-training whenever necessary


Assistant Engineering Manager
This role will lead the Engineering Department (under the guidance of the DOE) to ensure that all Lodge facilities are kept in the best possible condition. To fully participate in all the Health and Safety Programs in the hotel.

The Assistant Manager in charge of all aspects of day to day engineering operations at the Lodge and building maintenance including electrical, plumbing, steam, gas, fire & safety, HVAC refrigeration, interior, paint and decorating, carpentry, water treatment ( RO, STP), Vehicles, Elevators. R

They should have experience leading a tea, in a luxury Lodge or remote hotel .


Day to Day duties
    To carry out managerial role in all Engineering areas and disciplines in the Lodge in particular in relation to the plumbing, water production, mechanical and electrical plants.
    To provide accurate and immediate direction and feedback to the employees reporting to him/her on a daily basis.
    To ensure that all readings on RO water parameters, STP parameters, water level in all water tanks, swimming pools water parameters and power are taken accurately, on a daily basis and reviewed for safety and consumption.
    Assist in the compiling of the monthly consumption report on water, electricity, gas, diesel and power in KWH. To represent the Chief Engineer in his absence in all aspects relating to the department including dealing with suppliers and hotel department heads and to attend various meetings as required.
    Ensure there is effective communication and good relations between the engineering department and other departments in the Lodge at all times.
    To prepare and follow through on any projects as outlined by the Chief Engineer or Senior Management.
    Ensure that there is timely completion of all assigned responsibilities.
    To assist in developing and maintaining energy conservation program allowing the hotel to meet its annual budget targets.
    To interact as appropriate with all guests, contractors, suppliers and members of local/Government authorities.
    To directly supervise personnel in carrying out work schedules as well as spot checking to verify quality of work and employees performance.
    To continuously endeavor to improve personal knowledge of the job.
    To undertake any reasonable requests, tasks or projects made by Management.
    To ensure that the plant rooms and workshop are maintained in a clean orderly and tidy manner.
    To ensure guest satisfaction by performing duties such as attending to their requests and inquiries courteously and efficiently and accepting changes or addition to work hours which are necessary for the maintenance of uninterrupted service to Lodge guests and patrons.
    To maintain heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment in optimal operating condition by ensuring line employees are performing routine maintenance and repair checks.
    To liaise with the contractors on site and check their work before signing their work docket.
    To read and conform to the departmental Operations policy manual.
    To work with outside contractors as necessary to assist them in performing maintenance or construction jobs.
    To read and conform to the departmental Operations policy manual.
    To make sure that the preventative maintenance is carried out according to plan and the schedules are followed..
    To handle the purchasing of equipment replacement parts and spares. This includes contracting vendors for best prices, writing purchase orders, receiving goods and completing projects.
    To keep adequate levels of supplies required for the Lodge maintenance and notify the Chief Engineer of equipment and supply requirements.
    To prepare weekly/monthly maintenance schedules (PPM) together with the Chief Engineer.
    To allocate jobs in the department and follow up on any outstanding work and prepare work orders for the department etc.
    To organize the shift roster accordingly and replace a person when absent, ensuring that all shifts are covered at all times.
    To ensure that the Standards Training Manuals for the Engineering department are regularly kept up to date and that all employees in the team have completed the training to the required standard.

Other Functions
    To attend and participate in meetings and training as required.
    To accept a flexible working schedule when necessary for the Lodge’s uninterrupted service.
    To perform required duties and responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner to achieve the overall objective of the position.
    To maintain a favourable working relationship with employees and colleagues to promote a co-operative and harmonious working climate, providing instruction and encouragement as needed.
    To conduct oneself in a professional manner at all times to reflect the high standards of Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti and encourage employees to do the same.
    Reports to work on time, aware of schedule at all times and if unable to attend work, notifies direct supervisor in adequate time as stated in Employee Handbook. Complies with Four Seasons’ Category One and Category Two Work Rules and Standards of Conduct as set forth in Employee handbook.
    Other duties as assigned by management.
    To keep a daily record of all the work done in the department.
    To respond properly in any Lodge emergency or life situation and to ensure that all potential and real hazards are reported immediately and appropriately.
    To follow emergency procedures to provide for the security and safety of guests and employees.
    To ensure that the Engineering team comply with the Health and Safety Regulations and that work that is highlighted as a Health and Safety Issue is attended to appropriately.


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