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Nafasi Za Kazi Dar es salaam (7) Kampuni Ya OBLICQ


OBLICQ LIMITED is a Tanzanian privately owned company incorporated and  registered under the Companies (Act), Cap. 212, R.E. 2002. The company focuses on delivering the best solutions out of technology. OBLICQ provides range of ICT  services including Enterprise software Implementation, Custom Software  Development, Supply and Installation of Digital Security Infrastructure and general  ICT equipment as well as IT consultation and Advisory Service.

The company is currently looking for well-organized and professional personnel to  join the team on the various vacancies below.



Office Administrator provides administrative support to company directors,  employees and office visitors by handling varieties of tasks to ensure that all  company interactions and correspondences are positive and productive.  

i. Welcoming visitors and directing them to the relevant office/personnel. ii. Providing basic and accurate company information in-person and via  phone/email.

iii. Carrying out clerical duties such as answering phone calls, responding to  emails, and preparing documents, including office correspondences, memos,  resumes, and presentations.

iv. Coordinating and managing appointments, meetings, and the conference  room schedule

v. Supervising office cleaning to ensure it is tidy and presentable with all  necessary stationery and consumables (e.g., pens, forms, and brochures) vi. Maintaining general office files, including job files, vendor files, and others related to the company’s operations.

vii. Managing front office supplies and keeping inventory of stock viii. Overseeing maintenance of office facilities, and equipment. ix. Maintaining office security by following safety procedures and controlling  access via the reception desk (monitor logbook)

x. Performing other relevant duties as may be directed from time to time

i. Strong customer service skills

ii. Consistence and professionalism

iii. Excellent written and verbal communication skills

iv. Good time management skills.

v. Team Player.

vi. Multi-tasking but with the ability to prioritize tasks.

vii. Proactive  

viii. Attention to details.

i. Diploma or bachelor’s degree in business administration, or a related field. ii. 2 or more years’ office administration experience.

iii. Competent in a variety of computer software applications including  Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, and Access).


Technical Sales and Marketing officer researches and develops marketing and sales  strategies for a company. The main role is to drive sales by designing and implementing targeted marketing strategies. Job Position holder should have  knowledge of technical products and services offered by OBLICQ able to translate  technical contexts to non-technical clients, while being up to date with competing  IT products and services in the market and advise the company accordingly.

i. Promoting the company's existing brand.

ii. Establishing Customer business and technical needs and suggesting  appropriate products.  

iii. Communicating complex technical contexts to non-technical customers in the  manner that is understandable.

iv. Researching and developing marketing opportunities and plans,  understanding consumer requirements, identifying market trends, and  suggesting system improvements to achieve the company's marketing goals.

v. Gathering, investigating, and summarizing market data and trends to draft  reports.

vi. Implementing new sales and advertising plans.

vii. Maintaining relationships with important clients by making regular visits and  follows and understanding their needs while anticipating new marketing  opportunities.

viii. Keeping clients/customers informed about new technological products. ix. Perform other relevant duties that may be assigned from time to time

i. Strong customer service  

ii. Consistence and professionalism

iii. Graphic Design skills is an added advantage.

iv. Practical Knowledge on CRM software usage.

v. Knowledge of modern marketing techniques

vi. High level of communication and networking

vii. Understanding of commercial trends and marketing strategies viii. Excellent interpersonal skills

i. Bachelor’s degree in Sales and Marketing or a related field. ii. 2 or more years’ Technical Sales and Marketing experience.


The analyst assesses the efficacy of the proposed or current system and develops plans to implement or improve any deficiency.  

i. Plan and control system analysis and development, evaluate user  requirements, estimate cost and ensure all budget and timeline  constraints are feasible.

ii. Provide guidance and direction to assigned programmer and coordinate  project implementation phases.

iii. Recommend implementation methodology to be followed, assuring  programming compliance with established documentation standards. iv. Assist in review and preparation of System Analysis Standard Operation  Manual (SOP).

v. Develop detailed data flow diagrams of existing systems, documenting  the work process according to the standards; assist with the  

development of system objectives and comprehensive plans to organize  work methodology; establish controls to assure desired output are  achieved.

vi. Provide technical support, assistance, and information to users; train  users in system operations as necessary; coordinate communication and  activities with users to review and analyse user problems and needs;  provide work direction to assigned programmers.

vii. Compile information and data and prepare various reports related to  computer systems and functions, document system software and  hardware, as necessary.

viii. Create training processes and documentation to teach others how to use  new systems.

ix. Maintain a variety of records, accounts, logs, and files related to  systems; prepare and purge records, as necessary.

x. Write or modify programs as necessary to meet user needs; prepare  block diagrams and flow charts; write or modify program source code;  prepare sample test data; test, correct and revise programs, as  necessary.

xi. Perform other duties as assigned

    Practical knowledge of advanced principle and techniques of systems  analysis, design, and programming.
    Practical knowledge of system analysis and project coordination - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
    Practical knowledge of Database Management Systems (Relational and Non relational database)
    Practical knowledge of Full-stack web development using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python and Others.
    Ability to work in a team oriented, collaborative environment - Ability to work with minimum supervision
    Strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structure.  - Practical knowledge on front end and back-end libraries and frameworks  (ReactJS, Vue, Angular, NodeJS, Laravel, Django etc.)

    Diploma or bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information System, or a  related field.


Programmers is assigned with designing and creating software programs,  integrating systems, training end users, analysing algorithms, writing computer  instructions, debugging, and maintaining systems. 

i. Develop of new computer applications.

ii. Assist in resolving problems with software products or company software systems

iii. Analyse and assess existing business systems and procedures iv. Assist in the definition, development, and documentation of software  business requirements, objectives, deliverables, and specifications on a  project-by-project basis in collaboration with internal users and other  stakeholders.

v. Assist in defining software development project plans, including scoping, scheduling, and implementation

vi. Research, identify, analyse, and fulfil requirements of all internal and  external program users

vii. Consistently write, translate, and code software programs and  applications according to specifications

viii. Write programming scripts to enhance functionality and/or performance  of company applications as necessary

ix. Design, run and monitor software performance tests on new and existing  programs for the purposes of correcting errors, isolating areas for  improvement, and general debugging

x. Administer critical analysis of test results and deliver solutions to  problem areas

xi. Generate statistics and write reports for management and/or team  members on the status of the programming process

xii. Develop and maintain user manuals and guidelines

xiii. Train end users to operate new or modified programs

xiv. Conduct research on emerging application development software  products, languages, and standards in support of procurement and  development efforts

xv. Liaise with vendors for efficient implementation of new software  products or systems and for resolution of any adaptation issues

xvi. Recommend, schedule, and perform software improvements and  upgrades.

xvii. Install software products for end users as required

    Practical knowledge of advanced principle and techniques of systems,  design, and programming.
    Strong analytical, logical, and problem-solving skills.
    Practical knowledge of Database Management Systems (Relational and Non relational database)
    Ability to stay updated with modern technological trends, framework,  libraries, and development techniques  
    Practical knowledge of Full-stack web development using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Python and others.
    Ability to work in a team driven and collaborative environment. - Practical knowledge on hybrid mobile development technology like Xamarin,  React Native etc
    Strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structure.  - Practical knowledge on front end and back-end libraries and frameworks  (ReactJS, NodeJS, NodeJS, Laravel etc,)

    Diploma or bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information System, or a  related field.


The main role of this position is to design, manage and service the network  infrastructure. Detail understanding of wide range of different technologies that  are integrated into local, wide-area network, and Internet access. The engineer  deals with the set up and configuration of devices and equipment that make up  functional parts of the network such as servers, switches, routers, firewalls,  computers, and several other devices.

i. Managing and monitoring all installed systems and infrastructure for the  organization to be in line with company guidelines or SOP (standard  operating procedure)

ii. Designing and implementing new network solutions and/or improving the  efficiency of current networks

iii. Maximising network performance through ongoing monitoring and  troubleshooting

iv. Implementing, administering, and troubleshooting network infrastructure  devices, including firewalls, routers, switches, IP voice Equipment,  hosted services, controllers, wireless access points, Endpoints, etc.

v. Developing network diagrams and documentation for designing and  planning network communication systems.

vi. Arranging for and carrying out scheduled upgrades to the network  equipment to the latest stable firmware releases

vii. Performing disaster recovery operations and data backups as per  Established Business Continuity Plan & Disaster Recovery

viii. Help is developing new and/or reviewing the SOP for network  Operations.

ix. Reporting network status to key stakeholders

    Strong understanding of network infrastructure and networking hardware. - Ability to think through problems and visualize solutions.
    Knowledge of application transport and network infrastructure protocols and  general OSI and TCP/IP Models.
    Ability to stay updated with modern Hardware and network equipment  technological trends.
    Ability to quickly learn new or unfamiliar technology and products using  documentation and internet resources.
    Ability to work with all levels of staff within and outside of IT and outside  the organization.
    A self-starter able to work independently but comfortable working in a team  driven environment.
    Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
    Dependable and flexible when necessary.
    Network security experience.
    General LAN and WAN experience.

    Bachelor’s degree in information technology related field of study with a  network engineering focus
    CCNA, CompTIA Network+ or Equivalent Certification
    Any of the following Certifications are added advantage.

    ITILv4 Foundation
     Cisco - CCNP-ENCORE
     Vmware- VCTA
     Sophos – XGCA
     Linux Foundation- LSA or any Unix related .

Send your application through the following address (Soft Copy ONLY)

5th Floor, Victoria House, Along New Bagamoyo Rd,
P.o. Box 33521
Dar es salaam, Tanzania

 Please include a cover letter, your CV and Certified Copies of your certificates.
 Deadline for application is on 23rd May 2021.

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