Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Internet Analyst Jobs At APEN Tanzania, Apply Online

 Internet Analyst

About the job

Appen is seeking candidates living in Tanzania for exciting work-from-home opportunities! These opportunities range from simple surveys that can be completed in less than one hour to ongoing projects that last for months or longer.

We are looking for highly educated individuals who are self-motivated and internet savvy. As an Internet Analyst, you may participate in several different opportunities. Work from home Internet Analysts will need to combine a passion for analysis with an understanding of various online research tools.

Here are examples of some of the opportunities that may be available:
    Search Media Evaluation
    Social Media Evaluation
    Survey and Data Collection
    Linguistic Specialities (Text to Speech, Computational, Phonetics, Pronunciation, Annotation, etc.)

    No work experience or college degree required.
    Fluency in the languages you will register for
    Linguistics Degree may be required for our linguistic projects BUT not required for other projects.

    Flexible working hours
    Work from home
    You can apply/work while you are working full time or studying!
    Apply many projects as many as you can!

How do I apply?
Simply click the APPLY button and complete a short registration form. Make sure to add all your native languages when creating your profile in the system. Once you completed the registration, you will be screened for eligibility. Once your account passes the screening process, you can see other projects that are open in your country.

We look forward to your application and please do let us know if you have any questions regarding the opportunity. Thank you and we hope you can be part of our growing global team!

A diverse, inclusive culture is vital to our mission of helping build better AI.

We offer opportunities for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds.


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