Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Nafasi Za Kazi 3 Katika Kampuni Ya V Filters Company

3 Sales People

 Is looking for three Sales People

Sales products: Automotive filters

    Gender: male
    Age: 25--35 years old
    Education: University graduate
    Location: Nationwide

Basic salary: 180,000 shillings

Sales target: 5 million shillings

Commission on sales: 2% of shillings over 5 million

Subsidies outside the province: Accommodation fee of 10000 / day;Transportation fee: 2000 / day;Food cost 5000/ day;Communication fee: 45000/ month

The cumulative monthly salary can reach 300,000 shillings to 400,000 shillings

    At least 2 years sales experience
    Work can study hard, bear hardships and stand hard work, dedication and serious, obey management, study business

    Send your Application Letter and CV to Email:    

    TEL :0747-469999   LUCAS

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